10 Ways Organic Crayons Can Give Wings To Your Child’s Inner Picasso

Developmental milestones for toddlers include the ability to take the first step, smile for the first time, and wave “goodbye.” Developmental milestones are activities most children can do by a certain age. Children reach milestones in their play, learning, speech, behavior, and movement (such as crawling, walking, or jumping).

Toddlers don’t develop at the same rate. What is considered “normal” varies greatly. Your youngster may be ahead in some areas while lagging behind in others.

If there is one living memory of our wonderful years that we can never forget, it is the good old days when we had a coloring book in one hand and a crayon in the other. As we grow up, the same innocence can be seen on the faces of our little ones.

If you are wondering what else your child can do at this age, then this article is for you. During an interaction, Mansi Vyas, co-founder of Azfran mentioned how beneficial crayons can be for your kids. Here are 10 creative ways a child can break free with a toxin-free healthy crayon by their side:

  1. a canvas that knows no bounds: Let your champ blur a sheet of paper into your own work of art. Let them use their independent mind and let their ideas run wild. When it comes to letting kids express themselves with colors: the sky’s the limit.
  2. shape magic: The best thing about organic crayons is how easily they can be sharpened into sharp points. If you and your child are feeling a little artsy, no matter how thin the line, these crayons have your back, so worry no more!
  3. bonding time: In this fast paced world, we often do not get to spend quality time with our kids. Painting with organic crayons can be that “special” adventure that you share with your child without fail.
  4. stan no barPaper isn’t the only place your child can paint their dreams! Brands like Azafran offer stain-free crayons, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to creative experiments.
  5. Different Thinking: It’s not always the organic crayons that make art, they can be the art itself. Thanks to their shape-able properties, we can create something truly unique with just crayons. An “Organic Crayon” Version of the Eiffel Tower, Maybe!
  6. go Green: What better way to teach your child to care for the environment than by introducing them to organic crayons? The crayons are made with organic soy butter, coconut butter, palm wax, and soy wax. By making them understand what these products stand for, you are inculcating the spirit of “responsible shopping” in them from a young age, while adding their bit to a “clean and green” earth.
  7. healthy competition: It’s not just our kids who need a creative boost! Why not get all the little artists in the neighborhood together for an “Organic Crayon” party? Let mini Michelangelo take charge!
  8. gift of happiness: Whether your child has taken his first steps, read his first poem or just been a “good kid”, one can always reward him with a new set of organic crayons. Thankfully, brands like Azafran boast a wide assortment of pastels to choose from so the fun never ends!
  9. share away: With the help of social media, the whole world can see your child’s expressive arts. So, click a picture of your favorite painting and tweet it to the world! Who knows, you might have a viral sensation in the making.
  10. color revolutionCrayons may be just the beginning, once your child is fascinated with the organic world, you can indulge them in a ton of cruelty-free and natural products for which brands like Azafran are famous.


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