5 popular shaving myths you should know about

Women have fallen prey to many myths regarding the negative effects of shaving as compared to alternative hair removal techniques. Clinical research invalidated all these beliefs many years ago, but people continue to believe in them. This may be because their hair grows differently after shaving.

KAI India Managing Director Rajesh U. “We have been taught over the years not to use a razor to remove hair, as it tends to grow back darker and thicker,” Pandya said.

  1. Shaving makes the hair grow back thicker, thicker and faster- Hormones and genes determine the body of hair, their growth and not shaving. Shaving only removes the hair from the surface and does not touch the root. Since the hair is removed only from the surface and within a day or two the hair strands begin to peek out from the surface of the skin, giving them a coarse appearance. There is no link between shaving and the hair being thicker or thicker after shaving. Hair growth varies from area to area. Armpit hair grows 50 percent faster than leg hair.

  1. Shaving darkens the skin– This is the second most common myth that we would have heard that shaving the hair continuously makes the skin dark. On the contrary, shaving naturally exfoliates your skin and gives you a glowing skin. There are other factors for skin darkening like sun tan and pregnancy. Shaving removes the dead and scaly skin and gives you a shiny smooth skin.

  1. shaving makes hair growIt is not that only shaving causes ingrown here, but both.Chopping and shaving can lead to ingrown hairs, Ingrown hairs are basically skin bumps and to help protect your skin from razor bumps while shaving, first exfoliate it to remove dead skin and learn how to shave properly. Shaving in itself causes exfoliation on the surface of the skin due to its scraping motion. Therefore, shaving may help prevent ingrown hairs rather than the other way around.

  1. One Can Dry Shave- Dry shaving is a big no, it doesn’t matter that one should never dry shave, I can understand that at times in a hurry one would want to dry shave quickly. But dry shaving makes the skin dry and scaly, always use shaving cream or moisturizer before shaving so that the razor can glide easily on the skin.

  1. New Blade Cuts More People often believe that newer blades will give more cuts and nicks but this is absolutely not true. But actually it is not the new blade that gives the cut but the wrong shaving technique. Applying too much pressure to the blade used can cause more cuts and scars because there is too much friction dragging across your skin.


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