After Two Autoimmune Diagnoses, One Woman Created a Mineral Makeup Line That’s Great for Menopausal Skin Too

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Kari Grann was working as a real estate agent when she was diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders: Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s. Suddenly, self-care became a part-time job.

gran started Experimenting with Homegrown Skincare Formulations that his skin and body could bear. She thoroughly researched the ingredients and came up with a formulation that caught the interest of fellow real estate agent Lisa Strain, who convinced Grann to turn her creations into a business.

Launched by Grain & Strain Skincare & Makeup Company in 2011, and over the past 10 years has launched a variety of skincare and makeup products made from organic and naturally derived ingredients for women experiencing skin changes associated with menopause.

As the holidays approach, we’re especially excited about Kari Gran’s makeup offerings. Each product is free of dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, talc and fillers, and is formulated with menopausal skin In the mind

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Another reason to love Kari Gran products: They offer refills, which are packaged in 100% compostable packets.

Even better, when you spend $65 or more until December 2nd, Curry Gran is offering a free Essential Mini Balm along with 15% off site-wide. Here are some Kari Gran products on our holiday wish list!

lip whip, also known as the “Better Balm”, is one of the brand’s signature and best-selling products. It combines your favorite shades with a hydrating balm in the perfect portable pot. Jeni and Marsala Lip Whips are comfortable, fall-inspired shades that are buildable and blendable. Formulated with organic sunflower oil, organic camellia oil, and organic beeswax, these lip whips make a perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

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The ethos behind Kari Gran is keeping your skin healthy, not about turning back time or preventing aging. Mineral Powder Foundation There are only five ingredients and nine colors to choose from. It’s lightweight, buildable, and breathable, giving you the coverage you want without caking. If you’re not sure of your shade, pick up a foundation sample kit. Choose from the light, medium, or dark collection or all colors and receive credit for a full-size product.

Kari Gran says Peony Mineral Blush A universally flattering shade and customers seem to agree. 85 out of 86 reviews were highly positive. Even the skeptics only seemed to have good things to say.

One reviewer wrote, “I’ve always been intimidated by blush. This product changed that for me. While it looks hot pink in the container, it looks natural, subtle and pretty. It’s a way to add dimension and freshness without being obvious. I’m a new fan!

The blush is also formulated with just three ingredients, reducing the risk of irritation or allergic reaction.


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