Alia Bhatt launches maternity fashion line to help pregnant women

New Delhi: Mother-to-be Bollywood diva Alia Bhatt is all set to launch her maternity wear collection. These dresses will undoubtedly provide a ‘bump-friendly’ sense of fashion to all moms-to-be. Alia took to Instagram on Friday to say that she struggled to find clothes that expressed her sense of style while still being comfortable while pregnant. This inspired her to set up her own brand of maternity clothing to provide beautiful outfits to new moms!

In her Instagram story, she wrote that she started a children’s clothing brand two years ago when people asked her the reason behind it as she was not a mother then. Now that she’s about to become a mom, she’s launching her own line of maternity wear and she explained the idea behind it.

She said, “It’s not like I’ve bought maternity clothes before. But when I got down to it, I was overwhelmed. You don’t know how you’ll look or feel in the next few months and let’s be honest, what to wear. It can be stressful not to find the right thing for me. Do I buy brands that I already wear but in great shape? Should I raid Ranbir’s wardrobe? And just because my body is changing doesn’t mean it? Isn’t that my sense of style right?”

Writing about how she created her own style, she said, “I added elastic to my favorite jeans, designed shirts I didn’t have to share with my husband, and any unwanted tummy- Dressed in flashy clothes not inviting the touch. Comfort took precedence over any ‘airport looks’. What began when I tried to fill a gap in my existing wardrobe, leading to an entire maternity collection And I can’t wait to give you a sneak-peek tomorrow!”

Other stars have also commented on his post on Instagram. Actress Bipasha Basu, who is going to be a mom, also commented, “So badly needed. I am struggling to find clothes that are comfortable to wear and fit all the time. Can’t wait.”

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Alia had earlier launched a kids wear brand called Ed-E-Mama.


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