Angelina Jolie Allegedly Got Dumped By Her Celebrity Boyfriend, Gossip Says

Is Angelina Jolie single once again? One tabloid claims her latest fling has come to a sudden end. Here’s the latest gossip about the Eternals star’s love life.

Angelina Jolie ‘Jilted’ By New Boyfriend?

The latest edition of Star reports things are over between Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd. Apparently, the singer decided to end their brief romance much sooner than Jolie would have preferred. And recent photos of The Weeknd getting cozy with DJ Simi Khadra have been a devastating blow for Jolie. “The Weeknd’s not trying to rub it in her face, but Angie’s taken it that way,” an insider spills.

“It took a lot of courage for her to get back out there after being single for so long, and now he’s gone and left her — for a younger woman, no less. Her ego is bruised.” And the blow is only worsened by the fact that Jolie struggled to get back onto the dating scene since divorcing Brad Pitt in 2016. “Knowing Angie, she won’t let this embarrassment keep her down for long, though,” the tipster notes. “There’s already guys lining up around the block.”

Is Angelina Jolie Single Again?

It’s pretty easy to sell a story about The Weeknd dumping Angelina Jolie — and that’s because they (probably) were never really dating. It’s true that Jolie and The Weeknd were spotted getting dinner together a couple of times, but that was the only true evidence we had connecting them. A source told E! at the time that “they are not dating,” adding, “They…


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