Army attacked in Burkina Faso, 11 soldiers killed, 50 civilians missing

The region of Burkina Faso is facing a jihadist crisis that has killed thousands and displaced nearly two million in the past several attacks.

Army attacked in Burkina Faso

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Burkina Faso 11 soldiers have been killed and 50 civilians are missing in a suspected jihadist attack. According to a statement issued by the military government, a military convoy headed towards the northern city of Jibo was ambushed by jihadists. Burkina Faso The region is facing a jihadist crisis, in which thousands of people have been killed and about two million displaced in the past several attacks.

The military took power in a coup in January and promised to put an end to the Islamic insurgency that began in 2015, but violence in the country continues to this day. This is not the first time a military convoy has been targeted this month. On 5 September, another convoy was targeted in the same area, killing 35 and injuring 37. However, according to the statement, no one has claimed responsibility for Monday’s attack.

20 soldiers injured, many civilians involved

According to the statement, 20 soldiers were injured in the attack and 28 were injured, including a homeland security personnel and seven civilians. The news agency said that the attack took place in the Gaskindo area of ​​the country’s Saum province, where al Qaeda And Islamic State The jihadists associated with them keep targeting the army and civilians every day. Although lieutenant colonel damiba Islamists were at the forefront of the country’s fight against extremists and wrote a book on the subject last year called West African Armies and Terrorism: Uncertain Response?

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Jihadists captured many areas

Jihadis have occupied the land and sealed the areas around these areas. The Islamic State group and al-Qaeda both decided to focus on the Sahel region of Africa after suffering setbacks in the Middle East. These jihadists have captured parts of Chad, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Mauritania. Meanwhile, French troops have been trying to help the region’s forces deal with terrorists since 2013.

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