Arnold Schwarzenegger: I hope sanity will prevail in Ukraine conflict

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he hopes “sanity will eventually prevail” as he expressed admiration for the Ukrainian people and their bravery “in the face of this nightmare.”

The former bodybuilder and action movie star said that having grown up in the aftermath of war he knew that “everyone suffers” during and after conflict.

It comes following the first day of fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces and attacks on cities and military bases in the country.

The Ukrainian government said 137 civilians and military personnel had so far been killed.

Schwarzenegger, who has previously served as Governor of California, was born in Austria in 1947.

In a statement shared on Instagram, he wrote: “My thoughts are with the Ukrainian people.

“I have been asked to do several interviews, but I believe the news should continue to focus on what is happening on the ground – on the tragedy that has broken our hearts and the bravery of the Ukrainian people that has inspired us.”

“I am not a foreign policy expert, so I will leave the analysis to smarter people than me.

“I do know what it is like to grow up after a war, in an occupied country, and I know that in war and its aftermath, no one wins.

Schwarzenegger was born in post-World War Two Austria (Ian West/PA)

(PA Archive)

“Everyone suffers.

“War has a way of breaking the winners as well as the losers.”

He continued: “I have Ukrainian friends and fans and I have Russian friends and fans. As far as I can tell, none…


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