Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun has been accused of sexual abuse

Jan Roeg, a talent scout who worked for Atlantic Records under label founder Ahmet Ertegun from 1984 to the mid-00s. sued the label and Ertegun’s estate for sexual harassment, alleging that Atlantic knew about Ertegun’s misconduct and took an “interventionist policy” approach when dealing with it. Rolling Stone reports that Roeg alleges that Ertegun sexually assaulted and assaulted her throughout her time at the label, masturbated in front of her several times, and stroked her head in attempts to engage in oral sex. forced onto his crotch, digitally piercing him and, during dinner in 1990, drugging him, resulting in his gashing.

Roeg also alleged that Ertegun touched her and made inappropriate comments about her, described her as his girlfriend, and retaliated against her rejection by withholding money he owed her. Elsewhere in the lawsuit, Roeg says that Atlantic, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, “absolutely failed in training or implementing any policies or standards that require employees to report company disapproval and such conduct.” Will inform about”. The lawsuit also states that Atlantic Co. failed to put in place any policies “to discourage employees from engaging in sexual misconduct” on the premises or at the time.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Warner Music Group and Atlantic said they take the allegations of misconduct “very seriously”. β€œThese allegations date back almost 40 years, before which WMG was a standalone company. We are speaking with those who were there at the time, bearing in mind that many key individuals are dead or in their 80s or 90s,” the statement reads. “A safe, equitable and inclusive working To ensure an inclusive environment, we have a comprehensive code of conduct and mandatory workplace training that all of our employees must adhere to. We regularly evaluate how we can evolve our policies to ensure that That our work environment is free from discrimination and harassment.”

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The lawyer for Ertegun’s widow Mika Ertegun stated that “Any claims against Mrs. Ertegun are without merit and will be vigorously defended. … Mr. Ertegun has been dead since 2006. Mrs. Ertegun is 96. We have not seen any complaints.

Ertegun founded Atlantic Records in 1947 with Herb Abramson. The label, and Ertegun, quickly became important figures in the industry, signing Ray Charles in 1952 before releasing records by Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, Aretha Franklin and others.

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