Australia news live: Industrial relations bill due for final vote this morning after late night Senate filibuster

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Good morning and welcome to the live blog. My colleague Natasha May will be joining soon but first news is making news overnight.

The top story from the end of the parliamentary session was Labor succeeded in passing the Industrial Relations Bill To overhaul workplace bargaining. Reforms – biggest for decades – passed the senate last night With the support of the Greens and David Pocock, a late coalition filibuster attempt led by former Employment Minister Michaelia Cash was rejected. The trade minister, Don Farrell, said: “It gives us an opportunity to really, really get wages moving again.” It will get final approval in the lower house this morning.

There was also a late-night Senate success for regional governments. who eventually won the right to make their own laws about assisted dying senators voted To remove the 25 year ban. Senators cheered and hugged as the Territorial Rights Bill was passed and Finance Minister and ACT Senator Katy Gallagher described it as a “really important and historic moment”. ACT’s second senator, David Pocock, said the bill came after years of advocacy and hard-nosed people coming forward and telling their stories.

Our Medical Editor Melissa Davy reveals it Vaping has led to rising levels of nicotine addiction among young people. Then there’s more great reporting this morning hearing sad stories from parents and doctors Grappling to help children cope with the crisis. we have one too explain how big the problem has become and how teens become addicted in the first place.

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