Australia news live update: PM ‘concerned’ by China’s response to Russian invasion; NSW and Victoria mask mandates ease; 18 Covid deaths recorded

There is no doubt that when you are involved in seeking to stop people who are coercing and bullying others, including yourself, as Australia has often found, that you will often have to bear some cost yourselves in doing so, but when issues are as they are, and when you have a bullying, threatening, violent act being undertaken on an innocent state in Ukraine, and these things are necessary to do.

This is very important that they do this. I mean, the suggestion that there is some security pretext by Russia for this invasion, which has been suggested by the Chinese government, is completely unacceptable.

That is not the case. There is no pretext for Russia to violently invade Ukraine. There is not some concession that Ukraine should have been making. There was no threat that Ukraine was making against Russia.

So this suggestion that somehow it takes two to cause this, no, it only took one, and the world should be shutting that one out, in Russia.

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