Barbra Streisand Allegedly Fighting With James Brolin, Supposedly Ruined 80th Birthday With Arguments, Dubious Rumors Say

Are tensions growing between Barbra Streisand and her husband James Brolin? According to the latest gossip, Brolin is getting impatient with his wife. Let’s check in on the couple’s 24-year-long marriage.

James Brolin Upset With Barbra Streisand’s Hermit Tendencies?

Last year, OK! reported that Barbra Streisand was having difficulty reentering the world after the pandemic lockdowns were lifted, and James Brolin was starting to get frustrated. “Now that LA’s opened up once again, James is making up for lost time,” an insider confided. “He’s seeing friends nonstop and doing fun stuff, but Barbra rarely joins him. It’s frustrating.”

But as soon as we started pulling at threads, this entire story unraveled. We found a recent interview of Brolin’s where he gushed about how much he enjoyed staying home with Streisand during lockdown. “We’ve literally fallen in love over this period of time, just being stuck together every day and making it work,” the actor mused. “She gets me up and doing things I wouldn’t normally accomplish. It’s like a perfect situation, the two of us.” So, it was clear that the tabloid didn’t do its research on the couple before sharing this salacious gossip.

Barbra Streisand Going Too Far With The Dogs?

Then the Globe published a strange story claiming Streisand was going clone-crazy. The Broadway icon famously had her beloved late dog Samantha cloned twice, and sources alleged that she wanted to keep the tradition going. As her pups Violet and Scarlet were getting older, the magazine claimed Streisand was getting the itch for another. “She knows they won’t be around forever… she wants to continue the cloning process to keep Samantha’s line going, but James thinks they have enough dogs,” a source whispered.

We admitted that when Streisand first cloned her dog, that seemed like something right out of the tabloids. So, we really did approach this story with an open mind. But as soon as we started digging, we found out that Streisand isn’t trying to bring home any more pups any time soon.

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When Streisand cloned Samantha, it actually resulted in a litter of four. The runt sadly passed, leaving three. But Streisand, who already had two more dogs at home, only took two of them and gave the other along with one of her own to a family friend. At the time she wrote, “Five dogs were too much for me to handle.” So, no, we didn’t believe that she and her husband were fighting about her love of cloning her pets.

Streisand’s 80th Birthday Full Of Fights?

And most recently, Woman’s Day reported Barbra Streisand rang year number 80 to a bitter tune since she had been fighting with Brolin. According to the tabloid, Streisand was offered a cushy $300 million residency in Las Vegas, but she just couldn’t make up her mind, and Brolin wasn’t happy about it. “It’s not about money, they have plenty of that, although she does get a kick out of making records, with the records coming out of Vegas,” an insider spilled. “But for James, it’s about Barbra’s legacy and her lifelong fans… The looming Vegas deal has only put further strain on her marriage.”

But as far as we could tell, this Vegas offer didn’t exist. Furthermore, Streisand has been reluctant to perform in recent years. “I don’t enjoy it,” Streisand recently admitted. “I just don’t want to disappoint people.” So, knowing all of this, we seriously doubted Streisand would have any desire to sign onto a possibly months-long residency that would have her performing almost every night. Not to mention, we just couldn’t see Brolin taking any issue with Streisand’s decision since everything else we knew about the couple suggested they were doing just fine.


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