BBC reporter sees images of her partially ruined home during broadcast on Kyiv bomb

A Ukrainian BBC journalist was visibly moved as she saw pictures of her partially destroyed family home in Kyiv during a live broadcast after it was bombed by Russian forces.

In a BBC News bulletin on Friday, Olga Malchevska reported on the latest developments in the war, with her colleague Karin Giannione, a BBC World presenter, as fighting broke out near to the city centre.

“I’ve just got a message from my mum,” she said as she was shown footage of the apartment complex. “She’s been taking shelter, she’s hiding in the basement. Luckily she wasn’t in our building.”

“”I just can’t believe it in my head,” she added. “What I’m seeing is somewhere I used to live.”

Writing on Twitter after the segment was broadcast, Ms Giannione said she and her colleague did not know until the the moment the footage was shown that the Ms Malchevska had a direct link to the building.

“Thankfully Olga’s family is safe,” she added.

Day two of the conflict started with Russian missiles pounding Kyiv in early morning raids as Moscow troops pressed their advance.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the Ukrainian president, pleaded with the international community to do more, saying sanctions announced so far were not enough.

Air raid sirens wailed over the city of 3 million people, where some were sheltering in underground metro stations, a day after Vladimir Putin, the Russian president launched an invasion that has rocked the world.

A Ukrainian official said a Russian plane had been shot down and crashed into a…


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