Ben Affleck Allegedly ‘Fuming With Jealousy’ Over Jennifer Lopez’s Flirting With Another Star

Is Ben Affleck seething with jealous rage? One report says the constant flirting between Jennifer Lopez and another famous musician has left him angry. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Flirting Drives Ben Bats!’

Per the Globe, Affleck is struggling with Lopez’s latest press tour. The “Jenny from the Block” singer is going on red carpets and talk shows with her Marry Me co-star Maluma. “It was only a three-or four-day trip but J.Lo was with Maluma a lot and they’ve got a real connection, which gets under Ben’s skin,” a source reveals.

Maluma and Lopez are “very touchy-feely, have all these inside jokes and J.Lo goes on about him like he’s some type of artistic genius who’s got it all and how lucky his girlfriend is,” the insider explains. The two developed a cozy relationship on set, and Affleck’s not happy about it. While the Dogma star usually isn’t the jealous type, a source says that “it’s made him feel a whole lot less alpha.”

The henpecked Affleck will apparently not take this lying down. A source concludes, “As much as Ben hates seeing a young guy like Maluma flirting with his woman, it’s also sparked his competitive side. There’s no way he’s going to let this punk win.”

What’s Going On With Ben Affleck And J.Lo?

The Globe blows by this important detail, but Maluma isn’t single. The Colombian superstar is dating Susana Gomez. The two have been inseparable since 2020 and are still very much an item. She’s from his home…


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