Bert Kreischer’s wife, Leanne Kreischer, has a great sense of humor about her wild personality.

Over the past decade, Bert Kreischer has emerged as a major figure in the world of comedy. Multimedia comedian known for his wild over-the-top comedy style (he often delivers his stand-up routines while shirtless) and was even nicknamed “The Machine” Is. However, despite her marriage to the oft-intense Burt, Leanne Kreischer maintains a more down-to-earth appearance.

In 2020, on an episode of comedian Theo Vaughan’s podcast, Burt talked about the early days of his and Leanne’s relationship. According to Burt, Leanne comes from humble beginnings. He was raised in the small town of Bowdon, Georgia.

When Bert and Leanne first met, her father was living at the convenience store he ran in the town. Burt jokes that he and Leanne’s father get along so well because they were both rednecks.

Leanne currently has a growing internet following of her own. LeeAnn hosts a podcast party wife— a play on her husband’s reputation as one of the most notorious partiers in America. On the show, Leanne talks about family life and what it’s like to be married to Burt.

Bert Kreischer and his wife have been married since 2003

Although Burt and Leanne are both from the Southeastern United States, they didn’t actually meet until they were both living in Los Angeles. Both Burt and Leanne have admitted that they got off to a bad start.

Apparently, Burt kept Leanne away for a while, stressing that he didn’t want to put labels on their relationship. That was until the beginning of his and Leanne’s relationship took a dramatic downturn.

Bert and Leanne tell stories during an appearance on a podcast dr drew after dark, Apparently, Burt was out to dinner with Leanne and about five of her friends when they started talking about how a guy lifted Leanne’s skirt at an acting class.

Burt, who has been drinking, angers the women when he shows sympathy for the unnamed man. On the podcast, Burt insisted that he was ashamed of that stance and would never behave like it again.

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Apparently, the comedian sent flowers and a written apology to each of Leanne’s friends. When Leanne arrives at Burt’s house to have a conversation, she finds him crying in the shower. After witnessing the emotional moment, Leanne realized how sorry he was and took him back.

Thankfully, they overcame the difficult times and got married in 2003 dr drew after darkLeanne and Burt talk about why they are such a good match.

Obviously, Leanne believes that Burt is what keeps her life interesting. She also stresses that she enjoys her alone time, so his constant traveling is actually a positive thing for their relationship. The couple currently resides in Los Angeles with their two daughters, Georgia and Ila.

Leanne seems to have a good sense of humor about her comedy

As revealed on Dr. Drew’s podcast, Leanne Burtt is a good sport about comedy. The comedian often jokes about his wife and family in his standup shows and on his podcasts, two bears one cave,

It’s clear that Burt doesn’t hold back from his comedy, often making jokes that would surely have a lot of other wives in a row. Thankfully, Leanne takes her husband’s jokes in stride.

It seems that Burt is a supportive husband behind the scenes, and his comedy doesn’t change that. It is clear that they have a strong union that withstands even the most extreme pranks and hardships. Burt frequently appears on Leanne’s podcast, so it’s clear that he wants to support her in her interests and hobbies.

At the end of the day, Bert isn’t too scared to admit how much he loves Leanne. “I love her more than she loves me,” Burt said on an episode of his podcast. “I get a kick out of that lady.”

Lean is practical in relationships

While it is clear that they support each other in their own ways, even Burt admits that Leanne is more grounded in their marriage. According to an archived version of a 2014 interview socialite lifeBurt Reveals That Leanne stopped him from making a huge career mistake.

Apparently, Burt agreed to skyjump into the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. for their Travel Channel series burt winner, This event is the highest commercial decelerator descent in the world making it one of the premiere attractions for thrill seekers.

However, the night before the jump, Burt flares up and calls Leanne, telling her that he plans to leave the project. Thankfully, he talked to her. He told her that she needed to act mature and tell her team.

As it turns out, the show producer was totally fine with her decision and told her that she needed to at least get to the edge before deciding to jump. In a surprising turn of events, Burt conquers his fear and decides to jump anyway.

in the same interview socialite lifeBert reveals that in addition to helping them avoid disaster, Leanne also handles the family’s finances. He apparently set things up where they lived on their street earnings and saved up all their TV money.

While Burt was working on the Travel Channel, he and his family lived in a modest 2-bedroom house – his daughters slept in bunk beds until high school. Clearly, Bert and Leanne are a match made in heaven. They will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in 2023, and we hope they have many more to come.


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