Boris Johnson ‘first prime minister to be questioned under caution’ over Partygate

Boris Johnson has become the first prime minister to be questioned under caution by police, a leaked copy of Scotland Yard’s Partygate questionnaire for Downing Street staff suggests.

As part of its investigation into allegations of 12 events in breach of coronavirus rules – six of which Mr Johnson is reported to have attended – the Metropolitan Police has sent questionnaires to all those suspected of rule-breaking.

According to a copy of the documents, published by ITV News on Tuesday night, recipients are informed at the outset that they have an opportunity to provide “a written statement under caution”.

The document reportedly tells recipients they “do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court”, and advises them to “ensure the caution is read and understand prior to any answers to questions being provided”.

This level of police questioning would be a historical first for a British prime minister – with Tony Blair having said he would resign in such an event when questioned by police during the cash-for-honours scandal in 2007.

Mr Johnson has completed the questionnaire in relation to alleged parties, which the Met previously said had “formal legal status and must be answered truthfully”.

According to the copy obtained by ITV News, recipients have been asked around a dozen questions, including whether they believe any “lawful exception” should be applied to…


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