Calls for new Ghislaine Maxwell trial after juror accused of lying

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has called for Ghislaine Maxwell to get a new trial after a juror on the original was accused of hiding his history of sexual abuse.

The group made their call in a brief filed in New York court on Friday, one day after the judge who oversaw the original trial ordered Juror 50 to “give testimony under oath in response to the Court’s questions” at a hearing on 8 March.

Juror 50 has previously spoken to the press under the name Scotty David, revealing he had personally suffered sexual abuse as a child – something Maxwell’s lawyers say he did not disclose during jury selection.

The NACDL said Juror 50’s media statements “establish both implied and inferred bias”.

“The average person who was sexually victimized and had Juror 50’s feelings about the crime and those who complain about it could not be fair, his protestations notwithstanding,” read the brief obtained by journalist Julie K Brown.

“To borrow Chief Justice Marshall’s phrase, Juror 50 should have been ‘cautiously incapacitate[d] from serving on this jury.”

It concludes: “The Court should not allow any juror to thwart its screening process by giving inaccurate answers and thereby create such a grave potential, realized in this case, for depriving the defendant of her right to a fair trial. A new trial is required.”

In December, Maxwell was found guilty of five charges related to trafficking teenage girls for her former boyfriend, the…


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