Can You Spot The Difference Between Real Tom Cruise And A Convincing Deep Fake? Less Than 40% Get It Right

Last year, a TikTok account went viral for its eerily accurate deep fake videos of actor Tom Cruise. Now, a year after the videos and images went viral, people are still being fooled by the advanced technological scam, with some real-world criminals using it and getting away with a $35 million bank heist. Can you tell the difference between real and fake? Not many can.

Computer-Generated Looks Too Real 

A series of videos posted to a TikTok account last year took the world by storm thanks to its convincing footage. The only problem? It was totally fake. The videos were a result of “deep fake” technology, which can reproduce realistic-looking content, despite the fact that it’s completely computer-generated. Now, a year later, some people still can’t tell the difference between the deep fake videos and the real thing. 

According to Lookout, a cybersecurity company, about 61% of users exposed to a video comparing a real Tom Cruise interview with a deep fake video were unable to correctly pick out the real Cruise versus the fake Cruise. Though this seems like no big deal, deep fake technology has already had a huge impact on society. 

Real Fake, Real World, Real Money

Last year, a group used a deep fake of a bank CEO’s voice to trick bank employees into handing over sensitive information that resulted in $35 million in stolen funds. With cybersecurity quickly becoming an ever increasingly important security asset, attacks like these will likely become more and…


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