Constitution Day: PM Modi says fundamental duties should be first priority of citizens

Constitution Day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday participated in the Constitution Day celebrations and said that the first priority of citizens should be to fulfill the fundamental duties to take the nation to new heights as it marches towards the centenary of its independence.

PM Modi addressed a gathering at the Supreme Court of India on the occasion of Constitution Day, and said that the whole world is looking towards India which is witnessing rapid growth and profitable growth. Defying all initial apprehensions about its stability, India is marching ahead with full force and taking pride in its diversity, he said.

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, the PM said that fundamental rights are obligations that must be fulfilled by citizens with utmost devotion and true devotion. The Prime Minister said, “Whether it is an individual or an institution, our duties are our first priority. Amrit Kaal is a period of duties for us.”

The Prime Minister expressed happiness that as the ‘mother of democracy’, the country is strengthening the ideals of the Constitution and pro-people policies are empowering the poor and women of the country. He said that laws are being made easy and accessible to the common citizens and Judiciary is taking several steps to ensure timely justice.

He also pointed out that within a week India is going to take over the chairmanship of the G20 and stressed the need to boost India’s prestige and reputation in the world as a team. “It is our collective responsibility”, he said, “to further strengthen India’s identity as the mother of democracy.”

Extending greetings on Constitution Day, the Prime Minister reminded that on this day in 1949, independent India had laid the foundation of a new future for itself. He also paid homage to Dr. BR Ambedkar and all the members of the Constituent Assembly.

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The Prime Minister highlighted the contribution of innumerable individuals from the Legislature, Judiciary and Executive in the journey of development and expansion of the Indian Constitution over the last 70 years and thanked them on behalf of the entire country on this special occasion.

The Prime Minister also launched new initiatives under the e-Courts project, which provides services to litigants, lawyers and the judiciary through information and communication technology enabled courts. Initiatives launched by Prime Minister Modi include ‘Virtual Justice Clock’, ‘Justice’ Mobile App 2.0, Digital Court and ‘S3WAS’ website.

On the anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, the PM paid tributes to those who lost their lives in the dastardly attack on the country’s financial capital in 2008, and recalled that India had faced the worst terrorist attack on November 26. Its history by the enemies of humanity.

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