Cruel Gossip Says Ted Danson Apparently Looked Distressed On Recent Outing With Wife

Are Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen under stress? One tabloid claims the longtime couple looked upset during a recent outing. Here’s the latest gossip about the couple’s 27-year marriage.

Ted Danson Struggling After Emmy Snub?

Per New Idea, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen seemed to have a lot weighing on them during a recent outing in Europe. As Steenburgen films the highly anticipated sequel to her film Book Club, Danson is said to be grappling with some major career upsets. After his show Mr. Mayor got the ax, he also failed to secure another Emmy nomination. As a result, Danson apparently has been in low spirits.

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“Mary and Ted are stressed right now,” an insider spills. “Ted’s kind of floundering and his lack of Emmy recognition has only upset him more. He poured his heart into that show.” And sources say Danson is happiest when he’s working. “For Mary, it’s tough when Ted’s going through the ‘unemployed’ moments of acting… sometimes it’s hard to find the right thing to say,” the tipster notes.

Ted Danson Struggling With ‘Unemployment’?

We simply aren’t buying this dubious story. First of all, we aren’t seeing the “stressed out” couple that the outlet describes. While the couple was spotted squinting in the bright sunlight a couple of times, that hardly amounts to a bad outing. The couple also held hands in most of the photos, and they enjoyed a romantic outdoor lunch. There’s no reason to jump to conclusions just because they weren’t packing on the PDA and grinning from ear to ear the entire time.

Furthermore, we’re sure Ted Danson’s not too upset by his recent Emmy snub. The actor is a TV show icon, garnering a whopping 18 Emmy nominations throughout his career. He was nominated three years in a row for his work on The Good Place, only breaking that streak last year. So, we doubt Danson is so upset about not getting nominated that he’d let it ruin his and Steenburgen’s European getaway.

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The Tabloid On Other Celebrity Couples

This is far from the first time New Idea made up a story about a popular celebrity couple. The outlet recently reported Julia Roberts and Danny Moder had a tense anniversary. Then the magazine claimed Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn were caught fighting. And the publication even claimed Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were headed for divorce. Obviously, New Idea isn’t a reliable outlet anywhere famous couples are concerned.


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