‘Danger!’ Finalist’s deadpan reaction to Daily Double might be the funniest moment of the tournament ever

Jeopardy! The Tournament of Champions may be almost done, but fans are still going crazy over a certain player. Associate Professor Sam Buttrey has not only proven himself to be an impressive trivia expert, but he’s also made sure he brings plenty of laughs to every episode. Here’s one of the funniest moments from Buttrey’s run at the Tournament of Champions.

Sam Buttrey emerges as fan favorite

Associate Professor and amateur musical comedian Sam Buttrey has done a lot of work on this so far Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. Back in 2021, Batrey emerged as the winner of the Professors Tournament for the first time. Immediately, fans warmed to Buttrey’s gentle nature, quick wit and striking resemblance to comedy legend Steve Martin.

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People were so struck by Buttrey’s resemblance to Martin that even the actor gave him a shout-out after the contest. “It’s great to split the prize money with Sam!” Martin tweeted after Buttrey’s big win last December.

When Buttrey was invited back to compete in the Tournament of Champions, it became clear that he had a large fan base in his corner. Buttrey won the quarterfinals and even blew superchampion Matt Amodio out of the water during the semi-finals. After going to the final of the tournament, Buttrey is yet to Jeopardy! Forum.

Sam Buttrey brings the big laughs to ‘Jeopardy!

As it turns out Buttrey shares more than just his looks with legendary comedian Steve Martin. Champion’s fans immediately noticed that they have a similar style of deadpan humor.

Batrey has enthralled the audience with his comic nature in almost every episode. For example, on the fourth day of the tournament finals, Buttrey had a hilarious response to being selected for the Daily Double.

After selecting the lucky board piece, Buttrey announced, “I would like to bet the maximum amount permitted by law!” The comment earned a big laugh from the audience.

The clue read, “Once it enters a black hole, it collapses into the center and becomes concentrated into an infinitely dense point, which it is called.” Batrey answered correctly, “What is the singularity?”

Unfortunately, Buttrey didn’t pick up the home win on Day 4. However, he found a streak of good luck the next day without sacrificing his good humour.

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On Day 5, when he won the Double Jeopardy! Billboard, Buttrey got a big laugh from Ken Jennings for joking, “Can I have the last clue?” Batrey won his first finals game on Day 5 with an impressive $22,400.

While we probably won’t see Buttrey back Jeopardy! As the Tournament of Champions comes to an end, it’s clear that she made a lasting impression on the fans!

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