Davos Summit 2022: Economic challenges remain on global, environmental fronts; India capable to deal with them: M&M MD & CEO Anish Shah

Davos Summit 2022: The theme of this year’s Davos Summit 2022 is “Working Together, Restoring Trust’ cannot be more relevant than now as we see trust deficit among economies and the repercussions are being felt. Zee Business Executive Editor speaks more on this with Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Anish Shah.

“We do need to restore trust because if you thing about it from the geo-political standpoint, there are lots of challenges we are facing around the world,” Shah said.

“If we think about it from the economic standpoint as well, we have started to see the world becoming smaller in a sense that it is becoming local and the benefits that we had from the global world…may be have started disappearing,” he lamented wishing that does not happen.

“We also think about it from the climate change standpoint. That is one area where we do need to restore trust with everyone in the world that the leaders from the government perspective… from the corporate perspective are taking the actions that are required to ensure that we leave the planet a better planet,” he further said.

India has sent a big delegation to the summit.

Shah said that this year’s summit has been very well planned and Union Industry Minister Piyush Goyal had a session with all the CEOs who have come here to talk about the message that we have to send and how we want to position India, the MD &CEO said.

He said that the coordination has been excellent and India was very well positioned right now.

“If you thing from the economy standpoint, India is positioned to do well even in the turmoil that we are seeing around the world and also from the climate change standpoint the commitments made by our honourable Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi at COP 26…translated into a lot of action being taken…really takes India into a leadership stance and that is something that we got to talk more about in Davos ,” he further.   

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The World Economic Forum has set up an alliance of India CEOs for climate change and we are co-chairing that alliance. Beyond that, it is a set of actions being taken in three categories – one is to green our cells. Second is to decarbonise our industries and we have got number of industries that we are playing in and we are working on many of them and third is nurturing our planet,” the MD said.    

“And doing various things like plant trees for watershed management, regenerative agriculture,” he added.

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“That’s really the mantra for us across our businesses… how do we drive growth… how do we scale our businesses,” Shah concluded.         

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