Emilia’s sister tells court businessman SM Faisal was Emilia’s only serious boyfriend

Kuala Lumpur, Nov 25 – Businessman Datuk SM Faisal SM Naseemuddin was Emilia Hanfie’s only serious boyfriend during her school years until they married in 2004, the Magistrates Court here was told today.

Alyssa Nani Hanafi, 38, a younger sister of Emilia, said she knew SM Faisal through Emilia at the age of 10 when he came to their home with his mother to pick up Emilia.

“Faisal met Emilia through my brother Izaan. Emilia and Faisal were 15 years old then and Ezaan was a year younger to them. At that time Faisal was living in Damansara Jaya.

“Eventually both our families came closer. During the weekend, my youngest sister and I would often follow Emilia to her family home to hang out or eat out with all her siblings,” she read in her witness statement at SM Faisal’s trial. Said, who is charged with voluntarily causing grievous hurt to Emilia, who is his ex-wife.

The sixth prosecution witness said that she also spent the holidays with SM Faisal’s family as she did not have friends in Malaysia then.

“I used to spend time with his (SM Faisal) siblings and parents, especially his mother, Puan Sri Zaleha, whom I called Auntie, Auntie Z, Auntie Leha or Mak, and she (Zaleha) always She used to welcome us and also cook delicious food. Malay food for us,” she said, before she and her family moved to the United States living in Texas.

During the main questioning by Deputy Public Prosecutor Zahida Zakaria, the witness in the court in white T-shirt S.M. Identified Faisal and Emilia.

She said SM Faesal’s father had died in 2008 and she felt a loss as SM Naseemuddin or Uncle Naseem as her family would call him, was someone she looked up to as a father figure.

Alyssa said Emilia and SM Faisal were 25 when they got married and she was studying in Melbourne then but went back to her home. marriage contract (wedding ceremony) and wedding reception.

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“After Emilia gave birth to her first child in 2006, I moved back to Malaysia from Australia and often visited Emilia and her family. Whenever I got a chance to see and play with my nephew, I would go to his condominium in Ampang,” she said.

SM Faisal, 43, has been accused of voluntarily causing hurt to Emilia, 43, at a house in Desa Sri Hartamas, Brickfields, between 12.30 pm and 4.30 pm on November 22, 2015.

The charge, punishable under Section 323 of the Penal Code and Section 326A of the Uniform Code, provides for imprisonment of up to two years on conviction or a maximum fine of RM2,000, or both.

The hearing continues on December 6 before Magistrate Nadia Othman. -Burnama

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