‘Fentanyl is the devil’: Father says after son among 5 killed in party overdose

The father of one of the five people found dead from a fentanyl overdose at a party in an apartment in Colorado on Sunday has spoken out against the opioid crisis.

Dan Marquez, whose son Sabas Daniel Marquez and daughter-in-law Karina Rodriguez were among the deceased, said: “Fentanyl’s no good, man.”

“It’s the devil. It must have just took them, just like that. All five of them,” he told The Denver Channel.

On Sunday, Denver’s Commerce County police found the bodies of three women and two men at an apartment. Police said that a sixth adult and a baby were found alive.

The surviving adult was Mr Marquez’ daughter Cora and his four-month-old granddaughter Aria.

The five deceased were identified on Tuesday as 24-year-old Marquez, his wife Rodriguez, 28; Humberto Arroyo-Ledezma, 32; Stephine Sonya Monroe, 29; and Jennifer Danielle Cunningham, 32.

Authorities said that preliminary investigation suggests the five had ingested a drug laced with fentanyl.

“The evidence suggests that the five people who died last night died from a drug overdose and that the drug overdose was fentanyl,” District Attorney Brian Mason told ABC 7 Denver. He added that the group probably did not know that they were ingesting fentanyl.

Mr Marquez said that he had sent his stepdaughter Salina to his son’s house on Sunday because his wife had grown worried.

“My stepdaughter went in there because my wife was really worried about it,” he said. “One o’clock, two o’clock, nobody… kept…

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