FIFA WC: Journalist prevented from interviewing in Qatar, camera turned off, chased out

The FIFA World Cup is currently being played in Qatar and journalists from all over the world have arrived for its coverage, but an incident has come to the fore in which the journalist was prevented from doing his job.

FIFA World Cup-2022 is currently being organized in Qatar. (File pic)

being played in Qatar FIFA World Cup-2022 But the eyes of the world are on. All the news of this World Cup is being shown on newspapers and channels around the world. Journalists from all over the world have reached there and are covering this tournament. A journalist from Argentina was also doing his work in the same way, when some officials from Qatar came and interfered in the work of this journalist. This journalist was interviewing a fan sitting on a wheelchair when some people came and started questioning him.

the mirror According to the report of this journalist, the name of this journalist is Joaquin Alvarez. When Alvarez was interviewing a fan, some people came and started asking about his press card. After this he asked the cameraman to switch off the camera. This interview was being watched in Buenos Aires and the journalist’s colleagues were also present from the live studio at that time. The journalist’s companion sitting in the studio said, “The government is like this.”

sent out

Alvarez was asking an Argentinian fan about his favorite TV channel and show. That’s when these officers intervened. First one person came and then after some time two more people came after him. He was forced to stop the show. This live broadcast was being done from Barwa Village. After this the journalist and that fan started their broadcast from the back of a car. Alvarez told his audience that he was thrown out.

The journalist said that he had all the necessary documents and also had all the approvals with him. Even after this, he felt that those people would put him in jail. Alvarez was asking an Argentina fan about his team’s unexpected defeat at the hands of Saudi Arabia.

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Argentina was defeated

Argentina Had to fall prey to vicissitudes in their first match of the FIFA World Cup-2022. Lionel Messi, one of the world’s greatest football players of all time, put Argentina ahead by scoring a penalty in the 10th minute. The team ended the first half with this score. But the whole story turned upside down in the second half. Saudi Arabia put Argentina behind by scoring two goals and then this team could not come back and became a victim of reverses. This was the first upset of this World Cup.

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