बहता खून, सिर पर पट्टी...बजरंग पूनियां ने कैसे जीता वर्ल्ड चैंपियनशिप में मेडल?

Flowing blood, bandage on the head… how did Bajrang Punia win the medal in the world championship?

Bajrang Punia suffered a head injury during the World Championship. After that he had made up his mind not to play.

Bajrang Punia won the bronze medal in the world championship

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New Delhi. star wrestler of india Bajrang Punia Won the bronze medal in the recently held World Championships. He won after bleeding from his head. In fact, in the tournament against Cuba’s Alejandro Enrique Vlades, he suffered a head injury, which caused a lot of bleeding. After this, he came out to play with a bandage on his head and won. Although in his next match he lost to a US wrestler and his dream of winning the title was shattered, but he won the bronze medal match.

had made up my mind not to play

Bajrang told that once he had made up his mind not to play, but wrestler wife Sangeeta Phogat encouraged him and his wife also contributed a lot in this medal. Sangeeta told him that no one was injured. Get it bandaged and play for the bronze medal again. According to the Indian Express, Bajrang said that Sangeeta motivates me a lot. Can’t talk to family in the middle of the fight, but Sangeeta was with me. Bajrang said that once there was a feeling that if there is a lot of cut, then I should not play, but Sangeeta supported me. He contributed a lot in this medal, because if he did not play, he would not have won the medal.

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wife helps in preparation

bajrang Told that his wife helps a lot in his preparations too. He is also a wrestler. is an athlete. That’s why we understand each other’s game and openly tell mistakes. When I am playing, I do not know what the opposition player is trying and what mistake is being made. Later we watch the video, but Sangeeta tells me one thing and in the next bout I correct those mistakes. Bajrang said that injuries keep happening in the game. When I got a knee injury in the Olympics, I thought I would get surgery. What’s the big deal? Injuries also happen in training. Even here too much blood was bleeding from the cut. After 2 days, after 10 days the injury will heal. Medal first.

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