fold or hang? This Is the Best Way to Store Your Sweaters

As winter approaches, it’s time to don our cozy sweaters, cardigans and turtlenecks. And when we’re not wearing our favorite knitwear over and over again, they need a proper home.

Putting on a sweater doesn’t sound complicated, but a heated debate broke out among our editors when discussing this post. We were divided on folding versus hanging, but many clothing enthusiasts swear that folding your sweaters is better for their longevity than hanging them.

Have you ever bought the perfect sweater that looked amazing when you tried it on, but over time it turned out to be scruffy and misshapen? This is more likely to happen if the sweater is placed on a hanger. Over time, gravity takes its toll. Bulky sweaters made from wool or cashmere are especially vulnerable to stretching in the shoulders (a phenomenon known as “shoulder boobs,” no thank you) and appearing bottom-heavy.

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Neither of them want to, so folding is the way to go. Not enough shelving space to accommodate all those sweaters? Don’t worry, you can fold your sweaters and then hang them on hangers without damaging them.

how to fold your sweater

  1. While folding the cardigan, first button it.
  2. Lay it on the back side up and smooth out any wrinkles. Then fold both the arms backwards.
  3. Fold the right side of the sweater inward toward the center, then bring the left side to meet the center.
  4. Finally, fold the bottom half of the sweater up so that it is folded in half.
  5. Either place the folded sweater on a shelf or slide it onto a hanger like you would a pair of jeans.

This method should keep your sweaters organized and (literally) in good shape for a long time. we have some more Helpful Tips If You Want to Rearrange Your Entire Closet soon.

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One possible exception to the rule is light summer sweaters made of featherweight cotton or other fabric. They can withstand a hanger without stretching too much. But when it comes to heavy sweaters, always fold.

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