Garena Free Fire Diamonds How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire ?

Garena Free Fire Diamonds:-Garena Free Fire MAX can use redemption coupons to get free gifts in addition to simply enjoying the game. Yes, just like Free Fire, players of Free Fire MAX can get free access to a variety of in-game stuff, including characters, weapons, skins, and more. The procedures are straightforward and easy to follow. Following the disappearance of the original Free Fire, Garena Free Fire Max is currently accessible on both the Android and iOS operating systems. Comparing the battle royal game to the original Free Fire, there are a lot of interesting additions and improved gameplay.

The company frequently releases new skins for characters, vehicles, weapons, and other items. The creators also provide a few other enticing goods. However, the majority of these products can only be bought with diamonds, the virtual money used in the game. To gain diamonds, players can participate in various activities, or they can just buy them with real money. We’ll talk about Free Fire’s in-game currency in this article, including how to top it off, use it, and more.

Garena Free Fire Diamonds

The game’s premium equipment can only be bought with diamonds, which have proven to be highly expensive in Free Fire MAX. Diamonds must be purchased with real money, just like the currency in other battle royal games. Many players in the Free Fire community are unable to afford to buy diamonds because the majority of the game is free to play. However, people frequently look for strategies that could offer diamonds for free since they want access to special in-game material.

You’ll need a lot of diamonds in GARENA Free Fire in order to purchase exclusive things from the Max Shop. The greatest way to earn free diamonds in the game is through participating in tournaments and taking home premium prizes. Gar Coins, which you acquire as you go through the game, may also be used to purchase special things from the Max Shop. Keep an eye on your diamond supply to avoid running out of room and having to buy more with real money. Play sensibly; if you’re not careful, it’s simple to lose a lot of coins.

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GARENA Free Fire Diamonds Details

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire?

Free Fire and Free Fire Max diamonds are available with redeem codes, Booyah! app, Poll Pay app, Google Opinion Rewards, Easy Rewards, and more. Here’s how they work:

Free Fire redeem codes

Free Fire redeem codes

Using redeem codes is the most well-liked method of obtaining free diamonds and other in-game goodies in Free Fire and Free Fire Max. During events and esports competitions, Garena distributes fresh redeem codes. The following steps will show you how to use Free Fire redeem codes to get free diamonds:

  • Open the official Free Fire Reward Redemption website on your web browser
  • Log in using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple ID
  • Enter the redeem code and hit ‘Confirm’ to claim your reward
  • Free Fire redeem code rewards will be added to your account within 24 hours

Redeem codes for Free Fire and Free Fire Max are server-specific, therefore a code for the Indian server won’t work on another server. Each redeem code is only good for 24 hours in addition to these. Check out our dedicated story on Free Fire redeem codes to stay current on the most recent codes.

Booyah! App

Booyah! App

Booyah is a creation of Garena. using, a specialized software for sharing gaming material, users may acquire Free Fire diamonds for nothing. Participate in the Free Fire and Free Fire Max events and contests that the app hosts is all you need to do. In Free Fire or Free Fire Max, you can do this to earn totally free diamonds that you can use to buy things from the in-game shop. Both the Google Play Store and the App Store have the application.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

One of the simplest methods to get free diamonds for Free Fire and Free Fire Max is through the Google Opinion Rewards app. Users that participate in surveys on the app are rewarded. You may use the Google Play Credits or iTunes gift cards you receive for each survey to purchase diamonds in Free Fire Max for nothing. iPhone customers are unable to utilize their iTunes gift cards to earn free diamonds in the game because Free Fire and Free Fire Max are not accessible on the App Store. Having said that, the Google Opinion Rewards app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the App Store for Android and iPhone devices, respectively.

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Poll Pay App

Poll Pay App

It functions in a similar manner as the Google Opinion Rewards app. You must finish several chores and take some tests in Free Fire or Free Fire Max in order to receive free diamonds. After that, you will receive cash incentives that will be credited to your iTunes gift cards or Google Play balance. iPhone customers will be unable to utilize their iTunes gift cards to buy Free Fire diamonds since you cannot execute transactions via the App Store in Free Fire or Free Fire Max. Both the Google Play Store and the App Store offer the Poll Pay app.

Easy Rewards

Easy Rewards

Another GPT (get-paid-to) programmed modelled after Google Opinion Rewards is Easy Rewards. You may earn Google Play Credits by taking surveys and quizzes in exchange for Free Fire diamonds. Sadly, the App Store does not have the application.

How to Top Up Diamonds in Free Fire Max?

Diamonds can be topped off in Garena Free Fire through the in-game shop. Additionally, there is a choice to reload gems utilizing external websites. In this article, we’ll explain both methods for topping off your Free Fire diamond supply.

How to Top Up Diamonds using In-Game Store?

You can easily top up diamonds using an in-game store. Here’s how you can purchase or top-up diamonds in-game:

  • Open the Free Fire Max game and to go the in-game store. Alternatively, players can tap on the diamond icon present at the top of the screen.
  • Once done, you will see several top-up options. Players can select the amount they want to purchase for in-game Diamonds.
  • Players will then be asked to make the payment using Google Play payment mode. One can add a debit card/credit card on the Google Play payment page and make the payment.
  • After the payment is successful, players will get the in-game currency in their account.
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Free Fire Diamonds Prices

  • Rs 80 – 100 diamonds
  • Rs 50 – 310 diamonds
  • Rs 400 – 520 diamonds
  • Rs 800 – 1060 diamonds
  • Rs 1600 – 2180 diamonds
  • Rs 4000 – 5600 diamonds


Thanks for reading! In this blog post, we have summarized the Garena Free Fire Diamonds tournament. We hope that you have enjoyed reading it and that it has provided you with valuable insights into the tournament. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.


How do I get free 2022 free diamonds?

They are provided with online questionnaires that they may quickly finish and post to their linked Google Play account in exchange for real money. In Free Fire MAX’s in-game store, players may use the money they earn from completing surveys to redeem diamonds.

Does FF give redeem code?

If someone has used a Free Fire Redeem Code, you are able to redeem it. Every single one is valid for just a user. You don’t need to be worried since we publish a new and working FF Redeem Code every single day, so please keep visiting the page for the Redeem Code if the previous one doesn’t work.

Is FF pay to win?

Pay to win is an option in Free Fire. You win by paying. Prevent damage by using the time turner and Chrono.

Is FF better or PUBG?

Although other elements like features, visuals, characters, and others are considered, we can only name one. While Free Fire is more akin to an animated action shooting game, PUBG employs realistic and smooth graphics. Both games feature the greatest characters and vehicles, based on their specs.

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