Georgia state supreme court reinstates six-week abortion ban

The Georgia state Supreme Court on Wednesday reinstated the state’s ban on abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy. High Court imposed A lower court ruling overturned the ban On hold during consideration of the appeal.

Robert McBurney, a Fulton County Superior Court judge, ruled on November 15 that the state ban was illegal as it was when it was signed into law in 2019, following a US Supreme Court precedent under Roe v. Wade and another decision that had been taken in the past six weeks. Abortion was allowed.

“It Could Be Georgia Law Someday,” McBurney wrote“But when our legislature determines, in the intense glare of public attention, that it will doubtless and rightly participate in such an important and consequential debate as to whether the rights of unborn children should infringe upon women’s rights to bodily autonomy and privacy in such a way that justifies the ban.

The decision put an end to the immediate implementation of a statewide abortion ban. abortion Providers started redoing the process in the last six weeks.

But the state attorney general’s office appealed the decision to the state Supreme Court, seeking an injunction to stay the decision pending the appeal.

Georgia The ban went into effect in July after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. The state’s ban prohibited most abortions once a “detectable human heartbeat” was present.

Cardiac activity can be detected by ultrasound in cells within a fetus that will eventually become the heart around six weeks into pregnancy. This means that most abortions in Georgia were effectively banned at one point before many people even knew they were pregnant.

Now, in addition to reinstating the state abortion ban, the Georgia State Supreme Court denied abortion providers’ request for 24 hours’ notice before reinstatement.

in one page rulingThe state Supreme Court did not explain why it granted the state’s request to reinstate the ban.

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The order states, “Georgia’s emergency petition … seeks to stay the order of the superior court of Fulton County.” “To the extent the State also seeks ‘administrative stay’, that motion is dismissed as moot.”

In a statement, Amy Kennedy, Planned Parenthood Southeast’s vice president of external affairs, Told: “It is unconscionable that the Georgia Supreme Court has chosen to deny pregnant people the ability to decide what is best for their own lives and futures.”

Julia Kaye, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union Reproductive Freedom Project, echoed Kennedy’s statement, Saying: “Reinstating this extreme abortion ban would particularly disproportionately harm black Georgians and those with the fewest resources – those less likely to be able to travel out-of-state for care and more vulnerable to pregnancy and childbirth Medical consequences are likely to be suffered.. While this ruling is devastating, the matter is not over.

He added: “We will never stop fighting to ensure that everyone, regardless of their geography, race or income, has the power to control their own bodies and futures.”

Georgia is currently preparing for the December 6 US Senate runoff between Democratic Senator, Raphael Warnock, and his Republican opponent, Herschel Walker.

Despite his own controversies on the subject, Walker has run on an anti-abortion platform. It is widely believed that the threat to abortion rights helped Democrats do better than expected in national midterm elections this month.

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