Gossip Site Apologized For Wrongly Reporting Queen Elizabeth Had Died, Shares Dubious Reasons It Believed The Report Was Correct

People around the world were shocked when Hollywood Unlocked reported that Queen Elizabeth had passed away. However, as days went by with no confirmation from Buckingham Palace, the site was finally forced to retract its statements and apologize, long after we called the site out for poor reporting.

‘Hollywood Unlocked’ Apologizes For False Claims

Even though it was pretty clear from the start that there was no truth to this story, the site’s CEO and founder Jason Lee made it worse by doubling down on the story. “We don’t post lies and I always stand by my sources. Waiting for an official statement from the palace,” Lee tweeted

However, the website has now published a retraction, apologizing for misleading anyone. HU’s follow-up to the original story is a fact-check on their piece, showing readers what led them to believe they had the correct information. 

“On behalf of our small but mighty team, we want to first say that we heard your concerns and acknowledge the sensitivity around this topic,” the team wrote. “We not only understand the global reach of the British monarchy, but also recognize that above all else The Queen is a mother, grandmother, and beloved public figure who deserves to be approached with respect.”

Given the confusion our original post has caused, Lee and everyone else at this publication would like to take a moment to lay out exactly why HU believed the 95-year-old royal had passed away and felt empowered to report it,”…

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