‘Grab him by the roubles’: How the papers covered the threat of war in Ukraine

Joe Biden’s warning that Russia is beginning to invade Ukraine, and the debate over the severity of the west’s sanctions on Moscow, grips today’s front pages.

The Times says “West imposes sanctions as Biden warns of war” and carries an image of Russian troops and tanks in the Rostov region, close to the border with Ukraine. It reports the US president’s comment that Russia’s military is moving blood supplies to the border, and disquiet among some senior Tory figures over the extent of the UK sanctions.

The Express takes a more critical stance of UK sanctions. The headline is: “Punish Putin harder now”. It says Boris Johnson has been urged to move swiftly to punish up to 150 oligarchs linked to Vladimir Putin or face a “global catastrophe”.

The Mirror agrees, saying “Get dirty Russian money out of UK now”. It calls the UK sanctions “feeble” and says MPs and activists are urging more effort to halt Russian money laundering in the UK.

Metro says “We’ll grab him by the roubles”, alongside cutout images of the prime minister and Putin. It carries a hint of discontent at the extent of the sanctions but is broadly positive about the “first barrage” of measures.

The Guardian focuses on the latest developments abroad, with the headline: “Threat of war grows as Putin backs Ukraine proxy states” and a huge image of Russian tanks ploughing through the mud close to Ukraine’s border. It gives prominence to Biden’s comments and Germany’s decision to put the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia on hold.

The Telegraph gives the US president the headline – “Putin is invading and will go much further, says Biden” – and Johnson the main image. It notes the potential for millions to suffer as a result of the invasion, Nord Stream 2 and Putin expanding Moscow’s claims beyond Russian-controlled territories in east Ukraine.

The Mail takes a more visceral approach with “Twisted Putin is ready for bloodshed”. It notes Russian…

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