Hank Williams Jr. Allegedly On Cusp Of Divorce Over Son’s Conservatorship Crisis, Latest Gossip Says

Is Hank Williams Jr. facing a divorce? One report says the ongoing conservatorship of his son Sam Williams has driven an unconquerable wedge in the family. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Hanging By A Thread’

Hank’s family is being torn apart, sources tell the National Enquirer, and Sam’s rants pleading for release from conservatorship has reportedly left relatives reeling. The 24-year-old musician blasted his father and half-sister Holly for putting him in a conservatorship just 55 days after the death of his sibling Katie Williams-Dunning.

Katie’s death sent Sam spirling. Sources say Sam began “selling expensive gifts from his dada” and “boozing and fighting.” His family put him in a Britney Spears-esque conservatorship, but now Sam wants out. Other insiders believe Hank put his son under conservatorship to keep him close. Since Hank has a fractured relationship with his other son, musician Hank III, he didn’t want distance with another kid.

The combined stress of the conservatorship with the lingering grief has put a permanent strain on Hank’s marriage. He and Mary Jane Thomas “were once headed for divorce, and he actually filed papers,” a source reveals. “They turned it around and gave it another go… now this battle with Sam is giving her second thoughts about that decision.”

There’s Some Truth Here

The Sam Williams-centric parts of this story are essentially accurate. Galvanized by Britney Spears’ liberation, he took to YouTube and…

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