Here’s How Cleveland Kidnapping Survivor Amanda Berry Is Using Her Freedom to Help Other Missing People

Amanda Berry was abducted in Cleveland, Ohio on April 21, 2003, the day before she was to turn 17, facing an unimaginably horrific Birthday. During her captivity, she was physically and emotionally abused and even gave birth to a daughter, fathered by her abuser.

Ariel Castro, who took Berry hostage, also kidnapped two other young women, Michelle Knight and Georgina “Gina” DeJesus. He kept these three imprisoned in his house for years. They, like Berry, were brutally treated during their captivity.

Berry and her then-six-year-old daughter finally escaped Castro’s home on May 6, 2013, after Berry called 911. Missing for ten years and here I am. I’m free!” DeJesus and Knight were rescued shortly after.

Despite being exposed to the worst humanity has to offer at such a young age, Berry has managed to use her experience for good. She currently hosts a segment on Fox 8 in Cleveland where she highlights other missing person cases. Here’s more about Amanda Berry’s incredible story.

Berry helps find other missing people on Fox 8

Since 2017, Berry has done a segment called “Missing with Amanda Berry” on Fox 8 television in Cleveland to help those who have disappeared and their families. On each segment, Berry highlights missing persons cases from Northeast Ohio, believing that renewed media exposure may generate new clues about their whereabouts.

“I am excited to be able to help and give to families who need it [the missing] more than just a name, berry told fox 8, “They have a face. They have a family. They have a sister or a brother. Just making it more personal means the world.

She also recorded a public service announcement on behalf of the US Marshals, asking people to take missing persons cases of their loved ones to the public and not give up hope that more law enforcement officers will find them.

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Berry’s efforts were recognized in 2022 when he was awarded 69th Attorney General’s Award for his dedication.

Another young woman who is kidnapped and survives is Elizabeth Smart, whom Berry refers to as “the one”. [her] Personal idols. Berry interviewed her in February 2017, and they had an emotional exchange when she talked about the despair she felt at being held against her will.

Smart was abducted from her home in Utah in 2002 when she was 14. She was kept by two married couples, a married couple, for nine months. Smart now speaks out for those who were sexually assaulted and those who have gone missing.

Berry said, “Meeting him was a turning point for me.” “I’ve always admired the way she used her voice to help others.”

Berry talks to the students about the dangers of sex trafficking and warns them to be careful and vigilant. She told him that getting into Castro’s van when he offered her a ride “was the biggest mistake [she] ever made [her] Life.”

She is raising her daughter, Jocelyn

Berry gave birth to a baby girl, Jocelyn, on December 25, 2006, three years after her incarceration. DNA indicated that Castro had indeed fathered the infant. Naturally, Berry experienced an unimaginably complex range of emotions surrounding her pregnancy, but He did his best to describe them in his memoir,

“I think my mother sent me this baby. It’s her way of giving me an angel. But what do I care [Castro is] going to do. … When the child started kicking, I held his hand and put it on my stomach. … I knew that if the child was excited about being a new father, he would be safe.

Ariel Castro appeared at sentencing. (Angelo Merandino / Getty Images)

Miraculously, Berry was able to keep her now-teenage daughter safe, and she has said that her little girl is growing up to be a kind person who loves and cares deeply for animals.

One of Jocelyn’s former teachers, Erin Hennessy told ABC, “Joslyn is more special than I can even use the words to describe. I always describe her as wise beyond her years.

Berry’s relationship with Deejays and Knight is complicated

Castro intentionally prevented the three girls from becoming very friendly, possibly to prevent them from taking comfort from each other. He must also have felt that if they were bound, his iron grip on them might be weakened.

good Morning America Co-host Robin Roberts hosted “Trapped”, a 20/20 aired in 2020 about the plight of Berry, Knight and DeJesus as captives of Castro. he spoke inside version About the cruel mind games played by Castro.

Roberts said, “they pitted them against each other”.

During his time as Castro’s prisoner, Berry kept a journal on what he found, such as scraps of cardboard boxes, napkins, and paper bags from carry-out food. By the time she escaped, Berry had written a 1,200-page epic tale of adventure.

Berry’s writing eventually became a book, Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland (2015). DeJesus collaborated on the published version, as did journalists Kevin Sullivan and Mary Jordan.

Michelle Knight herself wrote a book, looking for me (2014). According to cleveland.comThe three women did not say what ultimately led to the rift between them.

Berry wrote Hope“We endured the unimaginable together, and we will always have that bond. I wish [Knight] Happiness.”

In 2013, when Knight was interviewed on television by Dr. Phil McGraw, she said that Castro singled her out for particularly vicious abuse because she said her family was not even looking for her.

To cbs news, he told mcgraw To that Castro said, “I can abuse you and nobody will care. Nobody.”

Knight also claimed that Castro had a soft spot in his heart for Berry. “He’d always say, ‘I don’t want to make her cry, I don’t want to upset her or I don’t want to hear her mouth.’ He would try to make her happy rather than make her sad.

Knight mentioned that she helped deliver Berry’s child and was told by Castro that if the infant did not survive, Castro would kill her.

In contrast, Knight said she had five pregnancies while she was kept in Castro’s home, and that each time, she said, Castro did things to induce her to miscarry, such as punching or hitting her. Jumping on the stomach

Of Berry, she said, “Amanda was one of those girls who didn’t really get it.” He admitted that they are not close.

Like Elizabeth Smart, Amanda Berry’s harrowing experience inspired her to help others who have disappeared. She is making an impact and has been able to reclaim her life and live it her way.


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