How King Charles is helping restore his father’s childhood home in Greece

The late Prince Philip was one of the UK’s most famous royals, but it might surprise some people to learn that he was actually from Greece. King Charles III recently met with the country’s prime minister to discuss restoring his father’s childhood home.

Prince Philip’s exile from Greece

Philip was born in Greece, a member of both the Greek and Danish royal families. However, his family was deported from the country when he was 18 months old. He toured Europe until his marriage to Queen Elizabeth in 1947.

For many years the prince’s family was not allowed to return to Greece, but their traces still remain in the country. One of them is the abandoned Tatoi Palace, a summer residence for the Greek royal family.

King Charles meets with the Greek Prime Minister

King Charles visited the palace on a recent visit to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire. He is now supporting plans to restore the building and open it to the public as a museum.

Aerial drone photo of Tatoi Palace, former summer residence of the Greek royal family and birthplace of King George II of Greece, Pernitha, Attica, Greece. (aerial-motion/

The king met with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at Windsor Castle, where the pair drank tea and discussed restoration efforts. The King Charles Prince Foundation is advising the Greek authorities on how best to restore the palace.

Raja’s Experience Renovating Old Buildings

This is not Raja’s first experience of renovating an old building. He remodeled Dumfries House, a country house in Scotland. spokesman for the last king of Greece, King Constantine, said they are using the experience of King Charles “An example of best practice.”

A rusted truck frame rests in a broken and overgrown garage
An abandoned vehicle rusts in a building on the grounds of Tatoi Palace. (pNicole/

King Constantine lived in exile for nearly 40 years after Greece voted to become a republic in 1973. He maintained Tatooine Palace as a private residence until it was confiscated by the state in 1994.

The project is not only a tribute to King Charles’ late father; It is also a way of honoring the King’s grandfather and Prince Philip’s father, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark. He was buried in the grounds of Tatoi Palace in 1944.

King Charles’ partnership with the Greek government on this restoration project is not only a way for him to reconnect with his father and his own Greek heritage, but also a chance to use his experience restoring old buildings to their former glory Is.

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