How Many Children Does Aziza Kibibi Have? Details On The Woman Who Had To Bear Child From Her Rapist Father

Aziza Kibibi is a creator, Activist, Chef, Media Personality, Life Coach, Mom, and Survivor.

Aziza uncovered the clouded side of her family makes a difference to the public which stunned the world. The Investigation Discovery has even chronicled the terrible story of her dad Aswad Ayinde, a once-regarded music video chief who ended up being an attacker, depraved pedophile, controller, and assaulter, into an episode Evil Lives Here: One of His Women.

What number of Children Does Aziza Kibibi Have? Aziza Kibibi has 5 kids altogether, four out of inbreeding and one from her relationship with her previous spouse.

As per Daily Mail, her dad started assaulting Aziza when she was just 10 years of age and kept on shaping this depraved relationship for quite a long time. Because of their indecent and corrupt relationship, Aziza turned into the mother of four children. A few of her children even had an intriguing hereditary issue that is caused because of inbreeding.

She has her most youthful child named Uriel, who is as of now 14 years of age, with her then-spouse.

Subtleties On Her Mother And Rapist Father Aswad Ayinde It is observed that Aziza Kibibi’s mom Aikasha kept up with quiet in any event, when she was very much aware that her youngsters were dealt with more terrible by their own attacker father.

What’s more, obviously, that additionally incorporates forbidden connections, assault, and misuse. Aikasha, who imparts nine kids altogether to her harmful ex Aswad, has effectively got separated from him. What’s more, she even showed her courageous side subsequent to affirming in the court against him. It is observed that Aikasha likewise has been a survivor of Aswad’s viciousness also, and conceded that she had not safeguarded her youngsters.

Prior to being named as an attacker father, Aswad Ayinde was notable as an honor winning music video chief for his remarkable headings in the Fugees’ Killing Me Softly video. an It all began with a man who tracked down achievement in the music business (he coordinated the )

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Aziza has uncovered already that she even deceived her better half with regards to her kids’ starting point and when they were in the blooming period of their heartfelt inclusion, she used to send her children to her mother’s home.

Where Could Aziza Kibibi Today be? Aziza Kibibi is carrying on with her free life today with her children. Furthermore, she even keeps on involving her voice for mindfulness and empowering the assault casualties to stand up.

Then again, her dad Ayinde got condemned to 90 years in jail for submitting such indecent demonstrations.

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