IBM launches its first cyber security hub in India


IBM Corp. said on Wednesday it is launching a cyber security hub in Bengaluru, to address the concerns of its clients across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. IBM said, it is a “multi-million-dollar investment in its resources to help businesses prepare for and manage the growing threat of cyberattacks to organizations across the APAC region.”

The security hub will be one of the only two centres globally, the other one situated in the US. Without sharing specifics, Sandip Patel, managing director, IBM India, said this would be one of IBM’s largest investments in capabilities this year.

“The new facility represents a strategic hub for IBM cybersecurity activities in the region, which also include IBM Managed Security Services, access to IBM’s team of incident response experts, as well as IBM Consulting, IBM Research, IBM India Software Labs, and IBM Garage, a collaborative approach designed to fast-track innovation,” IBM said in a statement.

The centrepiece of this investment is the new IBM Security Command Center, the first-of-its-kind in the region, for training cybersecurity response techniques through highly realistic, simulated cyberattacks – designed to prepare everyone from C-suite through technical staff.

The investment also includes a new Security Operation Centre (SOC) which is part of IBM’s network of existing global SOCs – providing 24×7 security response…


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