Instagram users beware: Instagram quietly removes this feature from the app

In a move that is likely to impact how much time users spend on social medi sites, social media tech giant Instagram has quietly removed the ability for its users to limit their daily usage of the app to less than 30 minutes. This comes after the company had previously supported a user-defined limit for Instagram that could be as low as 15 minutes, or even 10 minutes per day. The social media tech giant was “making a big PR push to suggest that more ‘mindful’ usage of its services was possible, as concern over social media addiction surged,” as per a Tech Crunch report.

According to the Mac Rumours, following the latest app update, the ‘Set daily time limit’ menu card pops up and prompts users to choose how long that should be, with a new minimum of 30 minutes, while the radio button next to the maximum of three hours is pre-selected in the menu card as if to nudge users to choose that limit.

In 2018, Instagram had introduced options in the app to set a daily time limit, with a reminder to be sent when that time limit is reached – useful for those who want to cut down on their social media usage. The users were able to select a time limit as low as ten or even five minutes a day, but selecting such short durations is no longer possible. The popup does say the user can keep their existing limit if they wish, but an additional popup on the activity page in the app says the 10-minute value is “no longer supported.” So,…


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