Jackie Chan’s Wife, Joan Lynn, Was More Famous Than She Was When They Met

Action movie star Jackie Chan has enjoyed stratospheric fame over the years, amassing a worldwide following and nearly 150 films to his credit. He is also a trained opera singer, philanthropist and a multi-millionaire who is worth $400 million. celebrity net worth,

Although it may seem hard to believe, Chan’s wife, actress Joan Lin, was even more famous than he was when they first met. She was in over 70 films before retiring from acting. The pair have been through a lot together, and they keep a low profile.

Here we get to know that special lady who has been at peace for 50 years through many difficult moments.

Joan Lin was a superstar in 1970s Taiwanese and Hong Kong cinema

In the 1970s, Lin was a film superstar in her own right in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Born in Taiwan on June 30, 1953, Lin dropped out of school at just 12 because of her family’s poverty. He had four siblings.

Lynn started her career when she was very young. At the age of 19, she acted in her first film, hero of chiu chow (1972). Lin had a major role as a character named Hsueh Feng in the film, which revolves around the struggle of workers who push back against their unfair boss (To HKMDB, Billed as a kung fu action film, it would not be the last time Lin was praised for her acting skills.

Despite his success with his first film, it was another project that would catapult him to stardom: the story of a small town (1979). The film follows a man who is released from prison and then finds himself infatuated with a woman who does not speak, played by Lin.

This was an important milestone in his career. The film earned many honors in 16th Golden Horse Film Festival and awards that year, including Best Leading Actress for Lynn. Thanks to her hard work and talent, she was now a bonafide star.

Chan is attracted to Lin’s practical and mature demeanor

In many ways, Joan Lynn was very different from Jackie Chan. According to the way he described himself in his autobiographical book never grow upWhen he was young, he was somewhat insolent and headstrong.

Lynn, on the other hand, was demure, low-key, and not interested in the kind of flashy clothing and jewelry that many movie stars usually wore.

Chan’s team was very fond of her, and he recalled his love for his wife in a chapter of his book, “The Love of My Life”.

They urged him to pay attention to this charming lady who had so much finesse. He remembered her saying, “Jackie, she’s so beautiful, and what a nice person.” Chan was also impressed with Lin. He took her out several times.

The better he became acquainted with Lin, the more infatuated he became with her. She was candid and friendly, and she accepted him just as he was. They got on well. Chan laughed at Lin.

“I always behaved like a lunatic,” Chan wrote self-deprecatingly, “but it didn’t matter to him. I never felt uncomfortable with him.

If there was a minor stumbling block to their relationship, it was that the media took the position that Lin was too classy for the rude Chan. She was also portrayed as a bigger star than him. Had he allowed it, a rift could have arisen between them.

Their relationship turns serious after Lynn becomes pregnant.

Lynn became pregnant with Chan’s child in 1981. She told him she wanted children, but on the surface, she had serious concerns. Chan wondered how the public would react to the extramarital pregnancy and whether fans might be distraught at the news that their child was on the way.

He came up with a solution of sorts, in which Lynn was to give birth to the child in secret in the United States. She went along with the plan, and left for California. Chan was working, so he didn’t go with her. Instead, his manager traveled with Lynn to America.

Chan was not very attentive to Lin when she needed him the most. He admitted that he had been working during Lynn’s pregnancy. He never traveled to this country to be with her. Her manager moved from California, so Lynn was on her own in a strange land with no one to turn to.

When the child was about to be born, Chan finally took time off from his career to come to the shores of America. Their manager thought they should get married. Chan and Lin had their wedding in a private room at a rooftop coffee shop.

He shared that the place was packed with customers who were dining in for lunch. Chan and Lin could hear loud hullabaloo during their ceremony. Not too romantic!

Their only child, Jesse, was born that night. Chan wrote, “Most babies are ugly when they are born, and Jessie was no exception.” Still, he was relieved that the child was at least apparently healthy.

Chan was often tight with money

Chan’s friends began to plant thoughts in his mind about Lin’s honesty, suggesting without any basis that she was a gold-digger who was after his money, even though she had made her own money. Earned a lot. He admitted that he was clingy with Lynn, despite the fact that she was now his wife and the mother of their child and never gave him any reason to be suspicious of her.

Chan wrote in his book, “Though I wasted my money like a madman.” “I never gave Joan access to my bank accounts and made sure that if we did get divorced, she wouldn’t get a dime.”

Chan’s callous attitude towards Lin, whom she said was a loving and devoted partner and parent, infuriated her somewhat. “I was wicked, not he, and a fool too,” he said.

Chan had a child with another woman in 1999.

A blow came in the middle of Chance’s marriage when he had an extramarital affair. The second woman, Hong Kong actress Elaine Ng Yee-lei, had Chan’s daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam, in January 1999.

In 2017, the straits times informed of Chan was contacted by Ng’s lawyer through an intermediary in 2015 for some financial support for Ng. She had fallen on hard times amid a feud with Atta that led to an alleged domestic incident and Ng’s arrest for criminal intimidation. Chan reportedly refused to assist him.

Chan was so ashamed of his behavior that he thought he could use his guilt as an excuse and divorce Lin. Either way was better in his mind than confronting his estranged, loyal wife and taking responsibility for her betrayal and their wedding vows.

“I had behaved horribly and I will let him down badly,” Chan admitted.

The three Chans—Jackie, Joan, and Jesse—have an awkward family meeting at Chan’s request. He had something to confess to them.

Admitting his “unforgivable mistake” to his wife and son, Chan said, “I want to apologize to both of you.”

He said that he never spoke on the subject again. Chan then changed his will and left everything to Lin. It’s as if the incident brought him clarity about his complacency and the unfairness of something he’d taken for granted.

She not only firmly stood by him, but urged him not to be hurtful towards Ng. Lin’s big heart was almost pure in this chaotic marital situation.

Chan reportedly has a distant relationship with his family

Chan was not always a perfect husband and father. He often prioritized the demands of his busy and highly successful career over his family. Chan and Lin each reportedly worked their way up to the point that he felt comfortable dating other women.

His son, Jesse, was said to have rarely seen his father. Chan did not want his family to be present when he was busy filming.

However, he may want to reconsider the way he operates his relationships with Lynn and Jesse. In 2014, Jaycee was arrested in Beijing for possession of marijuana. He spent time in jail. That event seemed like a new beginning for the whole family.

Jesse Chan speaks during a press conference after being released from prison in Beijing on February 14, 2015. (Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images)

Chan made a thoughtful video for Jesse when he was released from prison because he could not be there in person. He said in this video, “No matter what happens, your mother and I will always be with you. … We can celebrate the new year as a family.”

Chan, Lin and Jesse reportedly watched the video together. Chan’s involuntary tenderness moved them all to tears.

Chan co-authored never grow up, Zhu Mo wrote, “In the six months that Jesse was away, Jackie learned how to take care of Joan.” He became more attentive and appreciative of her. It seemed that they turned a corner.

Joan Linn has been steadfast and determined in her most challenging role in real life as Jackie Chan’s wife. He has, by his own admission, been harsh and harsh towards her at times.

After years of challenges and crises, this is one celebrity couple who have hopefully moved on from what they’ve been through and now appreciate each other in a new and deeper way.

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