John Barilaro takes executive director role with Sydney property developer

Former New South Wales deputy premier John Barilaro has started working with Sydney property developer Coronation Property, just weeks after leaving parliament.

The company, which said it had $1.4bn worth of projects under way, and a further $5bn in the pipeline, will employ Barilaro as its executive director.

The appointment was revealed after the NSW parliament’s ethics adviser, John Evans, tabled his advice on the appointment to parliament on Thursday.

The letter said Barilaro had advised the office that he had accepted the role of executive director with “responsibilities across all aspects of the business”.

Barilaro also advised that “there may be some level of engagement with both state and local government” in the role.

Although Coronation mostly does work in the private sector, Evans said the company has some unspecified work from the state government.

Parliamentarians must seek advice if they intend to undertake employment within 18 months of leaving office.

Evans has approved Barilaro taking the job but imposed conditions that he must not use information acquired in the course of being a minister or through his attendance at cabinet. Barilaro is also barred from communicating any of that information to a third party for financial gain.

A further condition has been imposed that for 18 months from his last day in ministerial office, Barilaro “should not become personally involved in lobbying government officials, on behalf of Coronation in relation to [his] portfolio responsibilities held during the last two years of ministerial office”.

Barilaro’s new job follows news that former premier Gladys Berejiklian has taken an executive position with telecommunications company Optus.

However unlike telecommunications, which is regulated by the federal government, regulation of property development is entirely the province of the state and local government.

The involvement of the state government extends beyond policy matters to decisions on zonings and…

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