Kayla B And Momo Involved In A Fight As But What Was It About? Twitter Video & Reactions To Follow

Kyla B is the stepsister of late rapper King Von. The craftsman died in November 2020 after a squabble that at last brought about gunfire. He was taken to the clinic in basic condition yet he surrendered to his wounds.

Following his demise, his sister has been an intriguing issue of conversation a few times and the greater part of them are connected with her getting into a battle with someone.

A video that surfaced on the web shows she got into a fight with City Girls rapper, Yung Miami’s closest companion.

What Happened Between Kayla B And Momo? Kayla B and Momo got into an actual squabble. Certain individuals conjectured that the purpose for the battle is Momo’s beau who is evidently Kyla’s ex-accomplice.

Be that as it may, Kayla made the explanation clear with a progression of tweets. It appears she attacked her since she and her ex had been annoying her. According to her, they went to her child’s football training and picked at him.

Likewise, she explained that they didn’t have any motivation to be there. Momo’s child lives in Miami and she doesn’t have his care so she didn’t have any motivation to be there.

Along these lines, Von’s sister accepts that she was there to single out her kid. She additionally added that she didn’t have to battle for a man since she had as of now left him four months prior.

Momo additionally tweeted saying she had not gotten into a battle throughout the previous 10 years. She called Kayla, ‘terrible’ and ‘filthy’ while calling herself a princess and said that she couldn’t care less.

Battle Video Of Kayla B Surfaces On The Internet The battle video of Kayla B and MoMo surfaces on the web. They should be visible pulling each other’s hair in the video.

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It isn’t whenever that King first von’s sister got into a battle. Beforehand, she and the Cuban doll were dissing at one another. The episode happened very nearly a year prior.

Around then, the occurrence happened on the grounds that the Cuban doll was offending Asian Doll which in the long run annoyed Von’s loved ones. Thus, Kayla battled with her.

Twitter Reactions On Kayla B Fight Twitter has amusing responses to Kayla B’s battle. Albeit nobody supports such demonstrations many individuals have ridiculed Momo via online media.

A client said tending to Momo that she might have essentially won the battle while another said that Yung Miami should be pissed and humiliated at teh second.

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