King Charles Makes Huge Donation To Food Banks, But It Won’t Be Bad

King Charles III has just made a substantial donation to food banks across the United Kingdom as the country faces price rises and rising costs of living. This donation will enable the charity to invest in items that can help them preserve food: fridges and freezers.

King Charles’ ‘substantial personal donation’

Greetings! said to have been built by king charles “a substantial personal donation” to hundreds of food banks across the UK. His donation was added to an initial Β£1 million fund that will be used to buy fridges and freezers.

The devices will be distributed to local charities and food banks selected by the Felix Project, Trussell Trust, FareShare and the British Asian Trust. They plan to deliver 800 fridges and freezers between now and spring.

fridge and freezer are keystone donations

The donation comes at a time of economic hardship for the UK, and charities are already facing unprecedented demand. By using the money to buy fridges and freezers, these organizations can preserve more food than they normally could.

β€œAt Christmas we see a huge increase in surplus donations, yet unfortunately in previous years we have had to turn down tens of thousands of kilos of food,” Charlotte Hill, chief executive of the Felix Project, explained, “We knew that freezing food would be a great solution.”

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Hill continued, “Now thanks to this incredible donation from His Majesty the King and a range of funders, we will not only be able to freeze and store large quantities of food, but also store them when food supplies are low due to seasonal declines. We will be protected, and we can create a long-lasting infrastructure for our community partners that will help people for many years to come.”

Trustees say it will ‘reduce the tragedy of food waste’

Baroness Louise Casey, a trustee of The Prince of Wales Charitable Fund, added“This action will mean many more food banks and charities across the UK will be able to store more fresh food and reduce the tragedy of food waste in the coming winter months.”

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She continued, “It’s the right thing to do for those in need, the sustainable environment, and especially at this time of year when so many citizens want to offer their help.” King Charles’ donation comes at a time when more people than ever will be visiting their local food banks, helping to preserve more food than ever before.

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