Kris Jenner Gossip: Allegedly Bragging To Kanye West That Kim Kardashian Is Happier With Pete Davidson

Is Kris Jenner meddling in Kim Kardashian‘s love life? One tabloid claims Kardashian’s mother is riling up Kanye West to create drama for their new Hulu show. Let’s check in on the Kardashian clan.

Kris Jenner Masterminding Kim’s Love Life?

This week, the National Enquirer reports Kim Kardashian’s love life is more dramatic than ever — and that’s just how Kris Jenner likes it. As Kanye West continues his crusade against Kardashian and new boyfriend Pete Davidson, sources say Jenner is eating up the drama. Apparently, Jenner believes Kardashian’s messy divorce battle is great material for their new Hulu show. “A lot of people are convinced Kris is secretly adding fuel to the fire by sending messages to Kanye through their mutual acquaintances about how happy Kim is now that he’s gone and she’s dating Pete,” an insider dishes.

But Jenner’s meddling could be more harmful than she realizes. After West claimed Kardashian accused him of putting a hit out on her, Kardashian apparently reached her limit. Now, sources say Kardashian is seeking sole custody of their four children. “Kim’s convinced Kanye’s wild accusations are further proof he’s not taking his meds and is becoming a real danger to himself and his family,” the tipster explains. “She really believes she needs to keep her kids safely away from him, whatever it takes.”

Kim Kardashian Fears ‘Unhinged’ Kanye West Is A ‘Threat To Their Children’?

While it’s no secret that…


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