Labor says delay in seeing GP means millions will get diagnosis too late

millions of people in England GPs are struggling to get appointments and as a result will not diagnose some serious medical conditions until it is “too late”, Labor has warned.

The party has made new estimates based on the latest GP appointment figures for England, along with GP Patient Survey data.

According to the survey, 13.8% patients did not get an appointment on the last booking.

With nearly 32 million GP appointments reported in England in October, the party said this meant that more than 5 million people could have been unable to book a GP appointment when they tried to make a GP appointment that month.

Wes Streeting, the shadow health secretary, said: “It is becoming impossible for patients to get a GP appointment when they need it.

“I am really concerned that among those millions of patients who are unable to get an appointment, serious conditions may go undiagnosed until it is too late.

“Twelve Years of Conservative Failure to Train the Staff NHS The needs have left thousands of GPs with it, and patients are paying the price.

“Meanwhile they are protecting the non-doms tax status, which allows people living in the UK to pay their taxes overseas. We need doctors and nurses, not non-doms.

“next Labor The government will train a new generation of doctors and nurses, paid for by eliminating non-doms. Patients need doctors’ appointments more than the wealthiest need tax breaks.

The figures come as Labor set out a new plan to ensure the NHS remains free at the point of service and protected from “hostile” Tories.

The proposals would create a written constitution protecting basic rights, such as healthcare and housing, and give them a special legal status to prevent them from being changed by future governments.

Commenting on the analysis, Professor Camilla Hawthorne, President of the Royal College of GPSsaid: “The GP and his team are working hard to provide the best care and services for our patients.

“GPs want our patients to receive timely and appropriate care, and we share their frustration when this is not happening.

“But the difficulties in accessing our services are not the fault of the GP teams, it is the result of an under-resourced, under-resourced and under-served service that is operating under constant pressure.

“whereas GP workload has increased There has been a decline in the number of fully qualified, full-time equivalent GPs to 719, by 18% since 2019.

a division of Health And a Social Care spokesman said: “This analysis is incorrect. This survey was published in July this year using indicative data and has since confirmed that 36 million appointments were made in October, the lowest in the previous year. 5.3% higher than the corresponding period.

“We are improving access to general practice so that everyone who needs an appointment can get one within two weeks – including recruiting more support staff and introducing a state-of-the-art telephone system to make surgery easier Can go.”

According to NHS Digital, there were an estimated 36.1 million appointments at GP surgeries in England in October, but 4 million were Covid-19 vaccine appointments. In October, 38.9% of appointments happened on the same day they were booked.

The figures also show that 43.5% of appointments in October were made by GPs and 23.7% by nurses.

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