Madhuri Dixit’s children want to stay away from limelight

Madhuri Dixit is in the news these days due to her new series The Fame Game. The actress is also seen promoting the film everywhere. In a recent interview, Madhuri Dixit revealed many secrets related to her personal life, as well as promoted her film. Do you know how much Madhuri Dixit, who has been in the limelight for a long time, likes to be among the cameras, but unlike her, her children want to keep a distance from the limelight. Yes, Madhuri herself has disclosed this in one of her interviews. Arin and Ryan do not want him to come in the eyes of the media camera, due to which he is also seen adopting many tricks. Madhuri told them how their children hide in the car and sit in the car after protecting themselves from the media.

Madhuri told in an interview to a leading channel – that I never hide my children from the nerves of desire, but when they want, they themselves come forward. Madhuri further said – whenever we go to see a movie somewhere, pap razi is always ready with his camera… Photographer is now everywhere, my son knows very well how to dodge the media. So he already comes and sits in the car. By the time we leave, he is already seen sitting in the car. He does not like to be photographed at all. As a child, when he did not feel in the mood to get the photo clicked, he used to hide behind us.

Madhuri extended her point further and said – but since the children have grown up, they have started understanding those things, when I returned to India, they were very young during that time, one was 6 years old, the other was 8 years old. And he had never faced these things before that. Along with this, Madhuri Dixit had told another funny anecdote, Madhuri had told how her neighbors had become upset for her and had asked to call the police after seeing some people.

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