Mahalaya 2022: When And Where To Listen To Mahishasuramardini Recital

Mahalaya is an auspicious occasion that marks the arrival of Durga, the goddess of supreme power, seven days before the main Durga Puja festival begins. It marks the end of Shradh or Pitru Paksha and the beginning of Devi Paksha.

It is a time when Bengalis around the world wake up to the immortal chants of Chandipatha by the great Birendra Krishna Bhadra, and the heart-warming melodies of the ‘Mahishasuramardini’ composition hail the goddess Durga, who killed a buffalo named Mahishasur. The demon with the head of K was eliminated.

Even now, most Bengals wake up at dawn on Mahalaya day to hear the transmission of Mahishasuramardini.

Mahishasurmardini is a one hour audio montage consisting of Bengali devotional songs, classical music, little acoustic melodrama and Chandipath. The program is simultaneously broadcast in Hindi for a pan-India audience with similar orchestration. All India Radio broadcasts this program every year before dawn. The show, which originally began as a live performance, has been broadcast in its pre-recorded format since 1966. However, even today, even after more than 90 years, its immense popularity still remains unabated.

Birendra Krishna Bhadra: The Voice Behind Mahishasuramarddini

Born in Ahiritola in East Calcutta, Birendra Krishna Bhadra was a radio broadcaster, playwright, actor, storyteller and theater director. He worked for India’s national radio broadcaster All India Radio in his early days, starting in the 1930s, for several years, and during this period he produced and adapted several plays.

Bhadra, the voice behind Mahishasurmardini, will always be remembered for making Mahalaya memorable for all. He recites holy verses and narrates the incarnation of Durga on earth.

This tradition started in the year 1931 when Mahalaya was first broadcast on Radio in All India Radio, Calcutta. This radio broadcast of Mahishasurmardini slowly sets the tone for the start of the festivities with the beautiful flowers of Kash surrounded by greenery all around. At that time the entire program was organized by Pankaj Kumar Malik, Premankur Atorathi, Birendra Krishna Bhadra, Nripendra Krishna Mukhopadhyay and Raichand Boral.

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Years have passed since the death of the great Birendra Krishna Bhadra, and the live telecast of the show has long ceased. However, the tradition continues, and people wake up in the early hours of Mahalaya to hear pre-recorded renditions of the audio-drama, regardless of their age, gender and other prejudices.

Bhadra’s rendition was so famous that when renowned Bengali actor Uttam Kumar’s voice was used for the show in 1976, it did not go down well with the audience, and All India Radio had to revert to the original version of Birendra Krishna Bhadra.

Composition Of Mahishasuramardini

Woven around a mythological theme and with recitation of Vedic mantras, the work stands out as a timeless creation. The screenplay is written by Bani Kumar, and narrated by Birendra Krishna Bhadra; Pratima Bandyopadhyay, Dwijen Mukhopadhyay, Manabendra Mukhopadhyay, Sandhya Mukhopadhyay, Aarti Mukhopadhyay, Utpala Sen, Shyamal Mitra and Supriti Ghosh lent their voices to the tunes composed by Pankaj Malik.

The calm morning air is filled with the long drawn out sound of conch shell blowing, as the singing begins, followed by a melody in raga Malkosh, which eventually leads to the opening of the program with prayers to the goddess Chandi.

When Mahishasurmardini singing was broadcast live, the actors would reach the radio station after midnight to prepare for the show. It is said that the studio will be decorated with flowers, and incense sticks will be lit to create an atmosphere of spirituality. Each artist was expected to arrive in clean, washed clothes after taking a bath. The female performers wear a white saree with a red border, while the men wear a dhoti-kurta. The conch shell will be blown three times before the performance.

All this created an atmosphere of Durga Puja for everyone present and this sentiment was effortlessly transferred to the performance.

How to listen Mahalaya 2022 live

All India Radio, or All India Radio, organizes a “special morning program” on Mahalaya every year. On Sunday, the one-and-a-half hour long Bengali recitation will begin at 4 am, and you can watch it on FM Rainbow and AIR’s YouTube channel.

The Hindi and Sanskrit recitals can be heard on Indraprasth, FM Gold and Akashvani AIR’ YouTube channel.

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Many TV channels also broadcast the Mahalaya program in the morning.

And if you’re not a morning person, or don’t miss the show, there are ways to catch it during the day.

in many youtube channels original recording,

ABP Live wishes you all a very Happy Durga Puja.


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