Make holiday prep less stressful with pro tips from this veteran interior designer

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Interior designer Lizzie McGraw’s style is relaxed, a little bit beachy and a little bit modern. Her signature look is thoughtful and conveys a sense of perfection without looking like someone’s worked a sweat to create it.

Someone, of course, probably did. Good design isn’t easy, which McGraw knows better than anyone. Her home was on Los Angeles’ popular Abbot Kinney Boulevard before it became one of the hottest design strips in California.

Now this is her design shop, tumbleweed and dandelionAnd after two decades in the business, McGraw has published his first book. Creative Style: Livable, Loveable Space Filled with her favorite clothes, furniture and accessories.

The book also offers a tour of 12 of her most inspiring interior projects, including her own 1920s cottage in Southern California. When she moved in, the building was neglected and dilapidated, but McGraw used flea market finds, upcycled vintage pieces, and a whole lot of creativity to create an airy space full of character .

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I connected with McGraw to learn more about how she makes her home and shop warm and welcoming, and for some tips on how we can borrow her approach to relaxing in our own homes over the holidays.

What advice would you give readers for bringing your look into their own home?

“I always tell clients to edit out anything in their home that isn’t useful. I believe in beautiful things, but it’s possible very much Made a good point.

What are some easy, quick tips for those of us who can feel overwhelmed with preparing the house for holiday guests?

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“When preparing a home for guests, my mantra is ‘Keep it simple.’ Serve food that is delicious, but easy to prepare. During the holidays, most guests prefer lighter fare anyway!”

Likewise, what are the one or two most impactful things you can do that will create a festive mood in your home?

“I rely on fresh greens for their great holiday scent and easy ambiance. They always create a festive atmosphere. Whether in a vase or hanging from twine on a door, it always sets the tone. I love a gentle but Also love burning lovely candles. fee for candles We sell on Tumbleweed and Dandelion always sell out so fast at holiday time.

How do you decorate for the holidays at your home?

“Our home is simple, organic, and functional. Fall is a big season in our world, so the atmosphere in our home is filled with aromatherapy and fresh greenery. It’s the most calming and beautiful way to enjoy your home without the stress.”

How do you decorate the shop?

“We love to present handmade goods and vintage jewelry during the fall and also, we don’t rush it. That said, we have baskets of jewelry surrounded by bowls of pumpkin flour. Our seasonal candle scents That we simply sit outside to choose from, and that our music always sets the tone!”

Is there a color palette you usually stick to Or does it change from year to year?

“We’re always open to change, so yeah. We have a consistent neutral vibe, but this fall we have fun napkins in fall pastels for Thanksgiving, and we’re feeling a little pink instead of red!

What are your favorite Christmas items that you sell in the shop?

“Hands down, our candles. We make them ourselves, so every year we add a few different scents. This year orange clove is taking the stage!”

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What non-traditional Christmas decor items do you go back to year after year?

“We’re more holiday/family than Christmas, so we love filling baskets with pinecones that we collect on our trips! Sometimes we spray them, or just leave them in their beautiful natural state.” Huh.

Do you go for real or artificial greenery? Are you a one tree family, or do you prefer to have multiple trees in the home?

“We are a ‘tree planter’ people. We always buy some trees in pots and replant them season after season.”

Do you entertain a lot during the holidays? How do you set a holiday table to make a party festive?

“My husband is a chef, so it’s fun to cook here. He prepares the food and I set the table and create the ambiance. I love pretty table settings, so we play with napkins tied with twine and henna.

“If I have time, we’ll wrap a baguette for each guest, or send them off with Jonathan’s homemade toffee. We always make time to hang out with our team and our friends.


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