Make the Meta Quest 2 a better VR headset—and portal to the Metaverse

#1: I love you, you magical device that transports me from my dirty basement to a floating pedestal on Machu Picchu.

#2: I hate you, you uncomfortable, finicky, battery-sucking face computer!

Ah yes, face computers—aka VR headsets. If the crystal-ball predictions pan out, we’ll soon all be wearing themto transform into digital avatars and work, play, shop and more in the so-called metaverse.

But right now? An hour or so in the headset and you’re feeling meta-worse.

I’m specifically talking about the $299 Meta Quest 2—formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2—because it’s the most popular headset on the market. Meta hasn’t announced sales figures but did report $1 billion in spending in the Quest content store. The NPD Group, a research firm, said that sales of VR and augmented-reality hardware more than doubled during the 2021 holiday season, versus the prior year.

“My expectation is that Meta is probably 85% or more of the market,” said NPD analyst Ben Arnold. HTC, Sony and others sell more expensive headsets that require additional equipment and appeal to more hard-core gamers.

Despite more people buying Quests, Facebook parent Meta reported its VR unit lost $3.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021. Oof. Yet not a shocker for those of us who have been using the Quest 2 regularly and know how far it is from the sleek eyewear of our mixed-reality future.

The Quest 2 is…


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