Mira Rajput’s Message On World Health Day: Train, Drink Your Kada, Meditate

New Delhi: Mira Rajput has been a fitness inspiration for many. The mother of two kids is an active fitness enthusiast who constantly shares good health and lifestyle tips on social media.

On the occasion of World Health Day, Shahid Kapoor’s wife shared a picture of herself in a yoga pose on Instagram with a post that read, “Good health isn’t a destination but a journey; with many sprints forward and a lot of unexpected turns back. Sometimes you pause on that journey and sometimes circumstances exert resistance. But what matters is always the intention to nourish oneself- mind body and soul, and striving towards equilibrium. There are days when I’m quick, agile with no acidity and sound temperament. And there are days when my most favorite yoga asana is difficult to do despite practice, or I’m feeling uneasy.”

“On this World Health Day remember you are your biggest cheerleader and your body, mind and soul is for you to look after. So feed it with good thoughts, good food, sufficient activity and adequate rest. When your kids watch both your successes and your failures – mine captured this tough moment – it’s the intention that sets an example. Train, drink your kadha and meditate – cause they’re watching! Happy World Health Day! #health is wealth.”

A message for all folks who are looking for some inspiration towards a healthy lifestyle; Mira Rajput is the person to follow for such good tips.

She also has her own YouTube channel and constantly shares reels about skincare, Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet. The current popular trend on her social media is tips for a healthy fasting routine during Navratri. Be sure to check it out. 


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