National Logistics Policy 2022: Sets the roadmap for developing a more interconnected framework

National Logistics Policy Industry experts said that sets the roadmap for developing a more interconnected and technology driven framework for building cost and operational efficiency in the sector.

Stellar Value Chain Solutions Chairman and Managing Director Anshuman Singh said that the policy, unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday, reflects the positive intent of the government to address all the major challenges of the logistics and supply chain industry.

Singh said that this will not only inspire all the logistics players to come together and collaborate to make logistics competitiveness globally, but will also enhance the confidence of investors who are willing to invest in the logistics sector.

According to him, by creating avenues for realizing operational dynamism and reducing logistics cost to single digits, the policy puts the industry at the pinnacle of the next phase of growth.

Rizwan Soumar, CEO and Managing Director, DP World Subcontinent said that the multi-pronged approach adopted by the government to suggest regulatory and procedural reforms in infrastructure, services and human capital provides a broad strategic direction to the sector. . Be a major catalyst in attracting investments.

Focal push for digitization through platforms such as ULIPs and e-logs Improvement in regulatory inter-operability, standardization of logistics processes and bringing the entire multimodal network on a single digital dashboard, reforms of services designed to increase visibility and transparency It is important to support the framework. For all stakeholders.

According to Vineet Agarwal, MD, Transport Corporation of India, the push towards seamless multimodal transportation and modern connectivity will be a game changer as it will shift the transportation stress from just road to other modes as well.

Agarwal said that NLP’s Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP) will enhance visibility for customers and enable logistics companies like TCI to adopt digitization on a large scale.

The new logistics policy will help the sector to become an integrated, cost-efficient, resilient and sustainable logistics ecosystem in the country as it covers all the bases of the sector along with streamlining regulations and removing supply-side bottlenecks. Pranav Goyal, Co-Founder-CEO, Porter.

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He said that the digital integration system for the logistics ecosystem would lead to a seamless and faster work-flow, making the logistics highly efficient.

The e-Handbook for Standardization of Warehousing Sector, launched, will enable third party logistics and warehousing players, small and large, to standardize their processes and automate their systems and processes, leading to lower costs and higher profitability, said Lanci Barboza, MD, said. Flomik Global Logistics Ltd.

Zaiba Sarang, Co-Founder, iThink Logistics said, NLP will help in making the last mile more efficient and faster to fill the gap of the transporter, where business can benefit in terms of time and cost.
According to Prashant Rane, CEO, Oneworld Logistics, the policy has taken a holistic approach to address various pain points of the logistics industry and has created a blueprint for the systematic growth of the sector.

“The policy aims to provide structure to the highly fragmented and unorganized logistics sector. Tech-enabled solutions backed by infrastructure development will provide the much needed impetus to the sector,” he added.

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