New Covid vaccine 100% effective against severe disease, manufacturers say

A new two-dose vaccine developed by French and British manufacturers is 100 per cent effective against severe disease and hospitalisation from Covid-19, the companies have said.

French drugmaker Sanofi and its British partner GlaxoSmithKline fell behind in the race to develop a vaccine, but new data suggest the jab will have a vital role to play in the long-term fight against Covid.

As well as being highly effective in keeping people out of hospital, the vaccine offered 75 per cent protection against moderate-to-severe disease, according to the manufacturers’ phase 3 clinical trial. It also showed 58 per cent efficacy against symptomatic disease.

A second study trial run by Sanofi and GSK found that the jab, when used as a booster dose, increased antibody levels by 18- to 30-fold in people who had already been vaccinated.

The datasets will now be submitted to regulators in the hope of attaining approval. Both trial studies are expected to be published “later this year.”

The vaccine relies on a conventional protein-based approach to training the body’s immune system, compared with the newer mRNA technology used in the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna shots – both of which have already been rolled out globally.

It is similar in technology to one of Sanofi’s seasonal influenza vaccines, and is coupled with GSK’s adjuvant, a substance that increases the effectiveness of a shot. It is also easier to store and transport than some rival shots.

The protein technology, which is also…


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