No time to cook? Meet Meal Service That Offers High-Quality Cuisine Without Prep

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Two years ago, when we were under lockdown across the world, the kitchen was my happy place. I made countless loaves of banana bread (seriously, why so many?!) and made unique, nutritious meals for my husband and me every night.

now? I’m lucky if I make this to replace stale produce at the grocery store and bread going to waste in our fridges. Life is Way Too busy to spend four hours experimenting in the kitchen, so we’ve fallen back on takeout and cheap, quick meals most nights.

It wasn’t until I noticed I was getting frustrated with myself for the lack of variety in my meals – or no bandwidth at all – that I realized how much my diet had benefited from that free lockdown time. I missed those kinds of flavours, vegetables and dishes.

Still, gloomy thinking won’t leave much free time for cooking (and grocery shopping). So, I started looking for solutions. and along the way, i found,

Unlike other meal subscription services, meals are made fresh, fully assembled and frozen for maximum convenience And Taste. owner, Greg Miller, and his partner and dietitian, Michelle Taylor, try to bring restaurant-quality meals to even the busiest of families, and this delicious meal service does exactly that.

have one in service Wide variety of delicious, convenient food to choose from and uses organic fruits and vegetables, hormone-free chicken, and grass-fed beef whenever possible. It offers an auto-ship meal program that delivers your meals weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You can either choose your own food or let prepare your meal for you.

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Optionally, you can order a la carte If you know you’ll only need a handful of food. Or, you can buy in bulk with’s Meal BundlesContains eight servings with or without dessert.

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Prices vary depending on the meal you choose, with most complete meals (entrées and one to two sides) ranging from $13 to $20. The a la carte options and gourmet meal bundles can get a little pricey, but the quality of the food matches the price hike—the Beef Wellington, for example, is $60 for two servings. You can save even more money by using’s Flex Discount Program,

Plus,’s ability to cater to a huge range of diets sets it apart from the competition. You can opt for senior, portion-controlled, diabetes-friendly, dairy-free, low-sodium, low-carb, low-fat, renal diet, dialysis-friendly, gluten-free and vegetarian diets. whatever your taste, Find a way to satisfy them.

as soon as i started watching’s MenuI was thrilled to find so many vegetarian options. (Usually, we’re relegated to tomato-based pastas and Perhaps Another entrée if we’re lucky.) From vegetable caponata to pizza to pesto tortellini, Veggie-Based Alternatives from These were some of the most diverse I’ve seen in meal subscription services.

(For you non-veg-heads, they also have an amazing array of meat-based dishes. Some include beef brisket, chicken cordon bleu, crab cakes, flame-broiled cheeseburgers, and more.)

I chose two meals: the Vegetable Caponata And this Protein pasta a la vodka with zucchini, Thanks to a few packages of dry ice, my food arrived quickly, still frozen. The slim packaging made it easy to organize my meals in the freezer without taking up a bunch of space (looking at you, grocery store box dinners).

Not Your Ordinary Frozen Dinner Provides instructions for cooking my food in a microwave and a conventional oven, and I chose the latter because I don’t have a microwave. The instructions said I didn’t need to puncture or remove the plastic film over the food, which made me a little skeptical, but I did it anyway.

Surprisingly, the plastic neither falls down nor falls on the food while cooking. It took my oven a few more minutes to get the food to the right internal temperature, but once the food was nice and hot, I was pleased to see that the film lifted easily from the package, so there was no awkward wrestling with the stills. Hot food plate.

As a fan of very spicy and salty foods, I must say that I added a few seasonings of my own to my otherwise delicious meal. But even without the extras from my spice rack, the meals were true to their description, generously portioned, and an absolute breeze to make. Plus, the neutral flavor is a great starting point for those who prefer something less bold.

Bowl of Vegetable Caponata.
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Caponata with Barley Filled with delicious veggies and tough pasta, and the portion was big enough that I saved some for later. my favorite of the two Protein Pasta—Who knew I’d love pea pasta so much? Certainly not me. These delicious, creamy and spiral noodles were just the right texture.

My work day doesn’t end until around 6 PM, and my husband and I usually eat dinner around 7 or 8 PM. So, to me, the biggest advantage of This was the time I saved to relax, de-stress, and socialize without going straight from the office into meal prep mode.

but Saves more than just time. This food service is a great option for seniors who may not have as much mobility around the kitchen as they once did. It’s a great way for dialysis or other medical patients to follow a new diet without the headache of having to buy (and learn how to prepare) all the new foods.

In addition, a Meal Bundles Makes a great gift for college students, new homeowners, or anyone in your life who is always on the go (including yourself). You can select bundles by theme, including meat lovers, kid-friendly, comfort food, customer favorites, and more.

There are plenty of reasons to make convenience, nutrition, and taste a priority in your life. But there aren’t many meal services that can really deliver. Makes every effort to get restaurant-grade food items shipped straight to your door.

Because, frankly, we all have enough things to worry about. It ensures that your next meal or trip to the grocery store won’t be one of them.


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